Red Flower Scented Candles | Natural Aromatherapeutic Beauty made in NYC

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red flower luxury natural beauty calms, restores and nurtures the whole system through the power of generous aromatherapy, concentrated botanical nutrients and formulation texture that brings pleasure to the senses. These processes encourage a positive shift in daily habits and application techniques that draw from healing traditions proven to reduce toxicity and increase circulation, blood flow and energy.


Icelandic Flower scented Candle | Red Flower | Natural Aromatherapeutic Beauty made in NYC Triple-Milled Hand-cut Soap Bars - Lavender, Icelandic Flower | Red Flower | Natural Aromatherapeutic Beauty made in NYC

red flower is a moment taken to reconnect and restore through an ever-evolving line of botanically-based, environmentally-kind skin care, body care, hair care and home fragrance. Every product is created around the beauty and abundance found in nature and curative healing practices from around the world. We produce and manufacture our products at our red flower facility in greater New York for the highest standards in quality control, environmental impact and micro-batch freshness.


Founded by Yael Alkalay in NYC in 1999, the red flower mission is a lifelong project, a commitment to creating environmentally and socially responsible products. By offering superior products and individual therapeutic services, we strive to promote a long-term quest for wellness. Fusing old-world traditions with new-world values, we strive to make pure ingredients the rule rather than the exception. red flower is a timeless approach, a daily decision.

Stand Out

Every aspect of a stay at The Greenwich Hotel in New York's Tribeca is full of connection and feeling. The hand-laid tile, unique to each luxuriously designed soaking tub and rain shower, adds a feeling of restorative sanctuary. The red flower locally made, hand-cut, hand-stamped Icelandic moonflower and French lavender plant-based, triple-milled bar soaps are a signature part of The Greenwich baths that delight every guest.

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