Magda Butrym Fashion designer from Poland
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Polished Poland cool: Magda Butrym conquers the fashion scene

There’s a lot of talk on the democratization of fashion and the way that social media has played a leveling role: anyone can become Instagram-famous without much effort, and it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

On the flip side, platforms like Instagram have allowed fledgling brands to test out their aesthetic virtually, before unleashing onto international markets with brick-and-mortar shops. A case in point is the Polish designer Magda Butrym, an alumnus of Warsaw’s International School of Costumography and Clothing Design. She launched her namesake label in 2014 in the Polish capital, far away from the traditional fashion cities of London, New York, Milan and Paris. 

Creating a mood and a sensibility through the imagery of lookbooks and cultural references, the Magda Butrym Instagram quickly gained a sizeable and loyal following, that included editors, influencers and buyers, which in turn lead to increased demand internationally.

It’s not difficult to see what attracted them. Butrym cannily styles seemingly contradictory elements with ease: floral dresses with leather jackets, edgy asymmetry paired with romantic ruffles. She’s become the go-to designer for dresses that you can just slip on and not think about your outfit again, for off-the-shoulder long sleeved tops with dreamy ruffles that balance out a jeans look. 

Her asymmetrical cuts favour cold shoulders, front slits and open backs that imbue the pieces with sensual movement. Each piece is hand crafted in Poland, too, from the finest materials.

Discover the creative heart of Poland - it’s time to start exploring this Baltic country that, apart from its historical relevance has ample wide-open spaces perfect for creative inspiration.  Just remember to spend your evenings feeling like a contemporary Polish style maven in a unique, handmade Magda Butrym piece. 

Magda Butrym conquers fashion | Poland | The Aficionados Magda Butrym conquers fashion | Poland | The Aficionados
Magda Butrym conquers fashion | Poland | The Aficionados Magda Butrym conquers fashion | Poland | The Aficionados


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