Bound by common interests, the compelling edits showcase our wunderkammer of articles, hotels, crafted products, cool folk and destinations from the Med to the Alps. Meet the heroes of Neu Heritage to the design outposts The Archi'terieurs,  and foodies will love digging through our Tasty Buds.

Adventure through our edits, each sharing the alchemy of style, provenance and culture - our mash-up of travel, culture and lifestyle curated by The Aficionados.

The Alpinists

Get clued up on our Alpine Travel Edit – cool dens and mountain porn paired with soulful living. These are the Alps and we love them.


Culture Kids

Dens of creativity, art and playfulness, each of these hotels play host to countless cultural events where boho meets highbrow.


Unwaxed Lemons

Capture the essence of the Mediterranean from cool crafted boutique hotels and villa retreats to the makers and artisans who populate the region with products of style.


Tasty Buds

Join the self-confessed foodies, lovers of great taste and those pioneers of gastro from flavour-hunters to the mavericks who turn humble into heroic.


Go Private

A fantastic collection of private-hire holiday houses, small hotels and luxury villas for vacation rentals or simply retreats of ‘private isolation’.



We love finding a patch of really good design production, architecture and style. When executed well, it's like walking into a fantastic novel.


Salt & Turf

Bijou refuges crafted deep in the countryside or clinging to the wild coastline, these hideaways bring style to their natural location.


Neu Heritage

Peer into the treasure pot of one-off brands, rarity and inherited blueprints - each throwing a punch at blandness as the incubators of curiosity, originality and legacy.



Who was it that said it's better to have millions of people doing sustainability imperfectly, rather than a handful doing it perfectly?



Pitstop here for a bucket-list dispatch which jumps off the treadmill of busy on a journey through the moi realms of wellness, escapism and curation.


The Luxurians

A smooth genre of luxury hotels that bring urban touch and impeccable luxe together with an old school quality creating a relaxed, contemporary feel.


South Tyrol

This is an Alpinista lifestyle that flirts with La Dolce Vita, where extreme sports junkies fuse with foodie aficionados and Mother Nature cradles the spectacle of the Dolomites.


The Ski Edit

Our Ski Edit is not only all about the best boutique hotels, luxury spas and the coolest designer dens in the Alps, it is also a guide to the ski destinations and slopes of Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, and South Tyrol in Italy.


Restoration Dens

The Restoration Hotels are those aged modernists that marry twisted beams of centuries old with the design of Corbusier and we love this style combo of sheer architectural inspiration.


We love to hoard, and over the past fifteen years, we have gathered the tales of places, people and products that piqued our creative radar. We are also partial to a little bit of order within the randomness. So we pulled together a dozen compelling edits that dance around themes, interests and experiences.
This is our wunderkammer, sorted into bite-sized guides from the Mediterranean to the Alps, from fashion to design, food to culture.

We love to hoard and over the past 15 years, we have gathered the tales of places, people and products that piqued our creative radar. We also like a little bit of order within the randomness.