The Aficionados is a travel and style community of some 100+ hotels, private-hire houses, really nice things and interesting people.

We are currently seeking to add to our hotel collection and fill-in some of the gaps so our style-savvy followers can enjoy more. If you own a place of style, whether it be design-led, luxury, crafted or boutique – and feel that you fit when reading through our site and enjoy what we do – then just get in touch – no obligations, no lengthy “we are important application forms” – let’s just start a dialogue and see where it takes us:

As you can gauge from our collection of travel and style, the hotels and featured products pin-point the shared ethos of design, heritage and beauty. 

We love diversity, we have no minimum size, we are not fussed about which representation you have if any – what matters to us is you – will we be a solid foundation, will we be working alongside each other for many years, do you understand our concept, do you seek a partner that goes beyond just promos, someone who cares and delivers, a partner that highlights you and your hotel in the frontline of marketing?

The Aficionados is a marketing network that brings direct sales to your hotel and product pages


Each year The Aficionados produce a series of style related magazines in the form of highly visual Editions, each featuring content from the worlds of travel, style and culture. Past editions include Farmhouse Fabulous, Blueprint Beauts, Casa Gorgeous & Alchemists of Italy. 

The magazine is distributed throughout our partner network and can be purchased online as well as being often at specialised design events and in the retail outlets of our partners.

Being part of our community can help you gain a better, more refined and targeted presence. We continually strive to bring our like-minded community of hoteliers, partners and consumers together for the common good.

Join us

We’re not everywhere, we are different, we deliver, we are consistent, we have integrity and are only seeking long-term relationships that matter. We are good. If you really feel like you belong, let’s chat and explore what great things we can be doing together, now wouldn’t it be nice to find a partner that can market you directly to those consumers who care about where they stay.