Unwaxed Lemons

Small luxuriously crafted boutique retreats of style, designer hotels and chilled spas, these are the Unwaxed Lemons – the crash pads that capture the essence of the Mediterranean. A warm world of culture, olive groves and cypress trees, suffused with a love of everything local.

Whether you favour the espadrilles of Spain or the Greek sandals, this is where you meet the coolest cats of the Mediterranean - small, stylish, sun-kissed boutique hotels that marry creative design with earthy simplicity, each one strikingly different.

Tucked away in quiet locations - including private estates, farms and cliffsides - our Mediterranean hotels offer the opportunity to slip into the slow-lane, or party, if you so desire. Relax, revive and refresh in cool Mediterranean style.

Meet the Unwaxed Lemons – the MEDITERRANEAN TRAVEL EDIT.