Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal

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Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal
The longitudinal façade stretches out in a prolonged geometric design, inspired by the 18th-century architectural style fachada gayolera.


Tucked discreetly behind a simple steel-plated entranceway on a hillside street (it is Lisbon after all) sits a Zen-infused minimalist design hotel that marries the warmth of Portuguese crafts against an exposed industrial shell, aptly located between the fado bars and the bohemian spirit of Lisbon's Barrio Alto and Príncipe Real districts. Flooded by natural light, the chilled, modernist Pátio do Tijolo reveals two distinct and playful characteristics – one framing the verdant central patio-courtyard and Loureiro salon, the other affording infinity views across the Portuguese capital - a juxtaposed combo of urbane with a slow-tempo Portuguese retreat, all neatly brushed with curated style.

Designed by Carina Seelig of Lisbon-based architecture studio Base Geométrica in collaboration with Spanish owner-siblings Juan Tubella and interior designer Natalia Tubella, Pátio do Tijolo rises up over three floors in a raw, commanding architectural aesthetic with views over the Tagus River and the iconic Lisbon landmark – the tangerine-hued 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The interiors take on a narrative that borrows from Portugal's long-held design relationship with Japan - the smoothness of the Japanesque ambience is paired with designer icons and contemporary Portuguese soul. The Tubella siblings' desire to create a style commune with lots of corners and open spaces to gather in, the sanctuary of the patio gardens and plenty of thought-provoking eye candy is their hallmark. This is a testament to the history and pulse of Lisbon today, a city with which they fell in love. 

Built on the blueprint of a former woodwork and abandoned timber yard, Pátio do Tijolo has more than a cue of industrial chic. Concrete blocked flooring plays host to reed mats and gravel walkways with the lower floor walls of the patio formed by the pockmarked shell of the original carpentry shop, now softened with the growth of winding creepers, wide-leaved banana trees, waxy tropical plants and terracotta-tinted walls which catch the afternoon sun. This soothing patchwork of greens, now an al fresco chill space dotted with Bolonia metal furniture by Isimar, was curated by landscape designer Elena Somalo. 

The longitudinal façade of design-guesthouse Pátio do Tijolo stretches out in a prolonged geometric design inspired by the 18th-century architectural style fachada gayolera. Today, it adheres to contemporary design principles, balanced by slender vertical iron columns, which leave space for private balconies and terraces appointed to each room. Pátio do Tijolo'sfaçade evokes the pale tones of Lisbon's habitual limestone builds, presenting in a minimalist bone-white hue. Inside, the Lisbon hideaway curates a light palette with an industrial template of grey concrete and micro cement, which sets the staging of a worldly, sophisticated remit, an eclectic, fresh, yet poised mix of mid-century designer finds and heritage treasures. Tables by Hans Werner and Salvador chairs by Catalan designer Miguel Milá are just some of the designer touchpoints. A tactile overlaid feel comes courtesy of pitted concrete walls, tufted Berber rugs, swirled Extremoz and Tigra marble, handmade ceramics, Alentejo fabrics and blankets woven with virgin wool from the Serra da Estrela. Lighting design specialists Marset were charged with subtle illumination of the Pátio do Tijolo highlighting the architectural features, landscaping and interiors with pieces like the Dipping Light by Jordi Canudas, suspension lamps by Globo and Cesta by Santa & Cole, pendant lamps by Artemide and oversized hanging lamps Jaima by Joan Gaspar float above the courtyards.

A love letter to the sophisticated curation of designer finds and with its ambience set firmly to chill, Pátio do Tijolo, cradled into the slope of the Bairro Alto is the perfect style pitstop and respite from Lisbon's cobbled streets and after-hours scene. A Portuguese bolthole with added Zen, Pátio do Tijolo has plenty of places to sit and ponder, escorted by a covetable design ensemble. 


Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal

Within the three-storied Pátio do Tijolo are 24 rooms in three categories – superior, standardand family. Once you’ve decided which classification you fall into, pick your chosen exterior vision – do you want to stroll into a peaceful patio garden, appreciate fine views over the Tagus River or sit with a port and tonic on your balcony? 

Whichever you choose, all the rooms come with a dusting of contemporary cool, industrial chic and designer accents. Parquet floors are underfoot, and bathrooms are clad in glazed Portuguese tiles in verdant green, colour-matched to the al fresco patio-garden. We love the dual aspect Premium Room with Panoramic View over the city rooftops and the ground floor room that leads into the shady fronds of the courtyard feels like finding a secret garden.


Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal

Overlooking the lush fronds of the garden is the light-filled lounge, where breakfast is served. Help yourself to the varied buffet and be seated at a Salvador chair by Miguel Milá to start the day in style. Expect a colourful selection of fresh fruit, Portuguese smoked Raia ham, local sheep cheeses and artisan bread. Of course, you must also have one or two pasteis de nata AKA the world’s most delicious custard tarts. Throughout the day you can pop back into the open kitchen for tea or coffee, fruit or another little pastal de nata (we won’t tell).

Nearby in Barrio Alto and the leafy Príncipe Real are a wealth of foodie options, making Lisbon one of the most exciting places for the casual culinary connoisseur to visit. Visit Rua Dom Pedro V 57 an Art Deco bakery, one of Lisbon’s oldest, specialising in traditional Portuguese sweets. For dinner, try Tascardoso, the perfect spot to sample traditionally cooked cod, a Portuguese speciality.


Straddling three dynamic districts of Lisbon, Pátio do Tijolo sits on a quiet street of bohemian Bairro Alto where the after-hours party is part of the fabric of the neighbourhood; by day galleries museums and markets fill its cultural roster. Also in striking distance is Príncipe Real, a grand residential neighbourhood of fashion boutiques, craft shops and cultural initiatives. Santa Catarina has a busy free flow and cultural melange of tourists, street performers and medieval architecture.  Not far is the Lisbon Botanical gardens (Jardim Botânico Lisbon) and a short walk brings you to atmospheric ruins of the Convento do Carmo built pre-earthquake in 1389.


We love a sibling project, bringing together the best of family intentions, a pairing of skills and a strong bond. Pátio do Tijolo is co-owned by brother and sister duo Juan and Natalia Tubella, originally from Barcelona. 

With a hotel project in Lisbon already under their belt over a decade ago, there’s something about the Portuguese capital that keeps the siblings rooted here, calling it their second home. 

Inspired by nature, craftsmanship and authenticity, you can see the duo’s passion threaded throughout the guesthouse from the handwoven wool blankets from Serra da Estrela to the locally made ceramics, quirky artwork from Portuguese artists and the resplendent garden - a real gem in this city of cobbled streets and towering townhouses. 

Natalia Tubella’s role as an interior designer means she brings these elements together in a smooth, articulated blend.

Natalia - the owner of Pátio do Tijolo Lisbon | Beautiful Design Hotels in Barrio Alto, Portugal

With a mantra espousing “with our close attention, our team welcomes you and invites you to become part of the place", the personal touch of the Tubella siblings is in evidence throughout Pátio Do Tijolo from the personally curated books in the library to the luscious pasteis de nata placed temptingly in the salon every day. The invitation is clear – come and join in at Pátio do Tijolo.

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