Infinity Views from Eros Keros Villas, on the slow-pace Cyclades island of Koufonisia

Cycladic Correspondence

Eros Keros Villas Koufonisia | Cyclades, Greece | The Aficionados
A sun-kissed boutique retreat of four cubic Cyclades-style merchant houses that lazily gaze onto the island of Keros


On the slow-pace Minor Cyclades island of Koufonisia (Pano Koufonisi), Eros Keros Villas come drenched in Aegean blue vistas – a sun-kissed boutique retreat of four cubic Cyclades-style merchant houses that lazily gaze onto the island of Keros surrounded by olive trees, juniper and myrtle.

White low-rise angular structures, shaded reed-thatched verandas, sun terraces and traditional honeyed stonework cleverly hug the gentle hillside aspect of Eros Keros, conceived by Stavros Papagiannis and Nikos Lambaditis of Stage Design Office with consultant architect Diogenis Verigakis. Inside, the easy island style of Koufonisia narrates the gorgeously simplistic Greek interiors fused with that unmistakably cool edge of contemporary Cyclades design and Aegean soul. Created by self-confessed Koufonisia junkie and owner Anita, the feel is of ultimate casual luxe. A palette of quarried stone floors, rattan furnishings, ceramics, linens and bold colour blocks in sage, cyan and terracotta evoke the parlance of island life. Creative touches include the owner’s handpicked artworks, well-turned books, the yellow skylight windows inspired by Greek church architecture and random pottery pieces that make Eros Keros feel naturally like that of a cultured Greek friend’s home.

A stylish kick-back Aegean island retreat bound by a Cycladic correspondence of seafaring folk culture which nicely cranks up the appeal factor – Eros Keros Villas are as restful and unapologetically authentic as Koufonisia itself.


Eros Keros Villas Koufonisia | Cyclades, Greece | The Aficionados

With each of the Koufonisia villas enjoying centre-stage viewing of Keros and the Aegean, the handful of houses come complete with private shaded outdoor living spaces including sofa seating, deckchairs and loungers, not forgetting the table and chairs for al fresco dining. Inside, each villa comes with an open plan kitchen, comfy lounge and luxury accommodation with king-size beds and marble bathrooms.


Eros Keros Villas Koufonisia | Cyclades, Greece | The Aficionados

Breakfast served in the privacy of your villa, is a celebration of Koufonisia produce sourced locally from the farms and smallholdings including the island’s sweetest tomatoes, local thyme honey and creamy yoghurts from neighbouring Naxos. A Greek breakfast without those feta mini pies and almond cakes would simply not be Greek. Coffee is on hand in your villa courtesy of Nespresso. A light snack menu escorts the days spent lounging poolside or up in the privacy of your villa. A Greek wine list and beverage menu are also available.

As there are more fishing boats than there are inhabitants on the island, the bounties of the Aegean headline at the local tavernas and neighbouring Naxos provides an abundance including lamb delicacies, vegetables, fruits and walnuts through to a plethora of mountain cheeses. Dining on Koufonisia is casual, pleasingly rustic, simple and incredibly tasty.


Koufonisia is itself a long-loved island retreat, with its relatively untouched nature possesses a natural holistic presence.  Handed-down local crafts continue as they have done so for generations preserving a slow-lane edit of life. If downtime is on your agenda, Eros Keros Villas are the perfect basecamp - including the infinity pool or opt for in-villa massages. Alternatively, head on out into the small villages, where life is always happy. Being a relatively car-free island, it is easy to explore the island on foot, bicycle, or boat. Koufonisia has several conservation projects in place.


Eros Keros Villas is located on an elevated hillside that overlooks two of the most beautiful turquoise waters and sandy beaches of the Cyclades; Fanos and Italida – which are only a few metres away. Koufonisia is an easy island to explore on foot, which takes about 2 hours. In fact, Koufonisia consists of two tiny islands with astonishing beaches, unspoiled Cycladic beauty – Pano (upper) Koufonisi and Kato (lower) Koufonisi, separated by a mere 200-metre sea channel. For those who prefer to go by water, small boats, which run every hour, take you to white sand beaches: Hondros Cavos, Fanos, Platia Pounda, and Pori.

Chora, the island’s only settlement, is a Cycladic fishing village with lovely limestone houses, a few beautiful stores, and many wonderful tavernas that offer dinner under the stars.

From the south coast, you can see the island of Keros, an important centre of Cycladic culture circa 3.000-2.000 BC. This is a protected site, and some consider Keros even more essential than the island Delos, one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. It is on Keros that Piper, Harpist and other important figurines were first discovered. From Eros Keros Villas you can gaze at leisure at this hazy, mystical isle.


Having previously enjoyed a global career in tourism, fashion, design and media, today Anita Papantoniou is a passionate hotelier, a mother and charismatic host, who along with her husband and family have realised their dream: creating a hotel which they would love to travel to themselves.  

Anita, who also speaks fluent English, Italian and French, is the perfect ambassador of her beloved Koufonisia, just be warned, her affection for the slow pace of island life is wonderfully infectious. Expect a warm heart-felt Greek welcome from Anita to her coveted Eros Keros, their home on the island.

“A lifetime dream come true, we have been in love with the island of Koufonisia since our first visit here, almost 30 years ago. We were completely enchanted by its natural beauty and authentic, easy spirit.

You might say that the years since then have all been in preparation for the creation of Eros Keros. When we found this particular plot, we felt we could inhale and almost grasp the entirety of Keros."

We were completely enchanted by its natural beauty and authentic, easy spirit
Anita Papantoniou Owner Eros Keros Villas Koufonisia | Luxury Holiday Houses in modern style of the Cyclades, Greece | The Aficionados

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