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Hieronymus Stationery - classic Swiss precision

Invariably, Zurich ranks either first or in the upper regions of any list gathering the world’s best cities to live. The quality of life is high there, at the Northwestern tip of Lake Zürich, in a global city with one of the world’s largest financial centres and lowest of tax rates – making it the wealthiest city in Europe.

Culturally, the arts have also a long-standing presence in the city, and today, Zürich houses many modern and contemporary art museums, from its Kunsthaus to its Kunsthalle, and the city offers non-European and digital art as well in its Rietberg Museum and Museum of Digital Art, respectively.

Superbly organized and with respect for both its past and present, Zürich is a well-appointed hub where, as the world knows, quality reigns supreme. World-famous for this characteristic are Swiss watches, but in Zürich, there’s a company that takes a similar hyper-detailed and knowledge-based approach to its offering. Hieronymus is a luxury Swiss stationer that treats its letter-printed cards, hand-bound notebooks, bespoke business cards, leather bags and everything stationery-related as precious products. In their Zürich headquarters and ateliers, European craftsmen design and produce each piece, from pens to pouches.

And while Hieronymus' vision is almost romantic – creating the possibilities for old-fashioned, moment-by-moment, personal letter writing – the company’s roots actually lie in earlier letterpress printing: an unsurprising nod to history for Switzerland, an erstwhile Protestant Reformation hub.

Having moved on to the craft of printing and bookbinding since you can now pick up an array of Swiss precision-created pieces from visionary Hieronymus, from notebooks to luggage tags to fountain pens and small luggage books to the all-important stationery. 

Let each moment complement itself on this trip. And make sure you have some nice stationery with which to compliment those who make it perfect for you, too. (Or rather just take it home - it's the thought that counts). The perfect stop-off on any Zurich visit, wow your friends, your lover or your business partner with some precision-crafted greetings cards, envelopes to die for (no kidding) or even a bespoke fountain pen with which to write your tales of wonder on them.

Hieronymus | Zurich, Switzerland | The Aficionados
Hieronymus | Zurich, Switzerland | The Aficionados
Hieronymus | Zurich, Switzerland | The Aficionados

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