Traditional Linen loom production in Mühlviertel, Austria
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Dream weavers for centuries: Austria’s historic linen industry

Upper Austria equals stunning nature flanked by mountains and forests – a healing environment with active outdoors opportunities. It’s an Austrian state made up of small villages nestled in the Alps, but is also home to the third-largest Austrian city, Linz, as its capital, which means there’s plenty of culture and a rich regional lifestyle to discover, too. 

Close to the Czech and German border, in the Northwest, you can find the Granite highlands, where purified waters flow into the Danube River, creating a fertile heartland where flax has grown as a textile crop for centuries. 

Named the Mühlviertel region, this geographical entity lends itself perfectly to leisure, and is the ideal place to discover the quality-crafted linens made of only the best natural flax fibers grown here and woven locally with the utmost care.

The region’s thriving textile industry has included bleaching, dying and weaving as well as retail since the Middle Ages. A few from the 19thcentury still operate, and are absolutely worth a visit. 

Established in 1832, Vieböck is Mühlviertel’s oldest traditional linen weaving mill, founded by Franz Viehböck. By utilizing traditional weave patterns and an eye for contemporary design, Vieböck achieves the finest quality textiles that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether for fashion, curtains, towels or table linen, every textile is environmentally sustainable and ecological thanks to the transparency of the local production and the durability of the product. They can be found in a wide array of shops all over Austria, and of course in their own showroom in the Mühlviertel area. 

Vieböck Leinen | Linen production in Mühlviertel, Austria
Vieböck Leinen Linen production traidtional tools in Mühlviertel, Austria Vieböck Leinen  Linen production in Mühlviertel, Austria

Less old, but equally impressive is the family businesses Leitner Leinen, which has manufactured home linens for over 160 years, since 1853. Combining traditional expertise with innovative warping machines, Leitner continues to weave Austrian-made linens that are more than ready to enter the 21stcentury. Their factory outlet is a must visit if you want to experience Leitner’s exceptional quality in the flesh. 

Leitner Leinen Linen | Tratitional production in Mühlviertel, Austria Leitner Leinen Linen in Mühlviertel, Austria

Come to these trusted companies, and discover others scattered in the Mühlviertel area if you are looking for authentic pieces for your linen closet – they’ll last for decades. 


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