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Qollezione & The Blue Apron

Homeland culture is at the heart of the South Tyrolean fashion label Qollezione, who creatively rethink statement pieces of traditional alpine garments - redesigning those once everyday rural clothing items worn over past generations.

Qollezione, based in Bolzano, was founded by the couple Anna Quinz and Fabio Dalvit back in 2017.  The brand has a more curatorial ethos than your typical fashion label, where folksy icons like the staple "der blaue Schurz" (the blue apron) reinvents the linearity of the traditional apron. 

Digging into their grandparents' childhood recollections, they started to explore Alpine attire from their memories, looking at its purpose, the materials used, and DNA. Often the items of peasantry life, these durable pieces were a part of the indigenous heritage. This process inspired the couple to creatively re-engineer the garments, enhancing them whilst keeping the patina of tradition rooted, maintaining the original design narrative to the simple blue apron.

 Qollezione | The Blue Apron | The Aficionados

Qollezione produces a neat lineup of limited crafted items, called capsules. Each item is authentic with a clever link to the past, including a hand-sewn bag once used by their grandma to gather apples or a collection of dresses that mimic those embroidered tablecloths and pillowcases found in the traditional 'stube' home. 

The blue apron was the start-off, an emblem of the farming communities, a practical clothing piece that communicated that you worked in agriculture. Folk would add their embellishments through skilled embroidery using words and symbols to identify further and express who they were and where they came from.  Qollezione continues this lovely tale. 

Nostalgic curators of South Tyrolean heritage, the couple's fascination with preserving their ancestors' legacy, the new interpretations keep the traditions alive and add a whimsical, crafted wink to the past and Tyrolean identity.

 Qollezione | The Blue Apron | The Aficionados  Qollezione | The Blue Apron | The Aficionados
 Qollezione | The Blue Apron | The Aficionados  Qollezione | The Blue Apron | The Aficionados


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