Gut Oggau's wine bottles with labels drawn by artist Jung Von Matt, a famous Austrian brand of vineyards famous for biodynamic approaches
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Gut Oggau – Austria’s Best Organic Wine

The Austrian state of Burgenland lies on the outer eastern rim of Austria, neighbouring Hungary. Far from the Austrian stereotype of alpine ski fields and steep mountain pastures, Burgenland is a terrain and climate wholly determined by the great Pannonian plains. An easy 45-minute drive south-east from Vienna International Airport, beside the low-lying shores of Lake Neusiedl, lies the quaint wine village of Oggau.

Far warmer and sunnier than most of Austria, the unique terroirs here produce an abundance of red wine when compared to other nearby regions, as well as elegant whites and unique, internationally renowned sweet wines. The area has a long tradition of wine and hospitality, and there are a handful of local personalities that strive to marry that tradition with a modern approach, innovating while also honouring local custom and produce.

Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck is the perfect example of that union. Her family is responsible for the local culinary institution, Restaurant Taubenkobel, an exemplar of modern Pannonian cuisine, and her husband, Eduard Tscheppe, is the son of a winemaking family. Together they produce the wines of Gut Oggau

Their ethos, after taking over the 200-year-old derelict vineyards and winery, was to allow nature to speak. A Demeter certified organic winery, Gut Oggau works with several local and more recognised varieties: Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), and Gewürztraminer.

Through the process of harvesting, making and cellaring various wines, they found each to have very distinct personalities, so much so, that each wine was designated a name and character, and in time, a whole family tree was created to express each of Gut Oggau’s unique wines. Artist Jung Von Matt continues to be commissioned every vintage, to illustrate each character featured on their distinctive labels. 

Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck and Eduard Tscheppe, owners of Austria's best biodynamic vineyards and winery, Gut Oggau
vines from Austria's best biodynamic winery, Gut Oggau a bottle of wine from Austria's best biodynamic winery, Gut Oggau, with label drawn by artist Jung Von Matt
bottlea of wine from Austria's best biodynamic winery, Gut Oggau, with labels drawn by artist Jung Von Matt grapes from Gut Oggau's winery and vineyard, Austria

This thoughtful approach to the whole product, from engaging biodynamic processes, through to the conceptual aspect, sets the winery Gut Oggau apart, and their wines have become synonymous with the inherent quality of modern wine culture in Burgenland, Austria and beyond.

Stay in style at another Austrian institution, Taubenkobel, a gastro experience unlike any other, immerse yourself in true Pannonian cuisine that has foodie fans trekking the world over for. Part of the Gut Oggau family, you just know there will be good wine to spare, too.  


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