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Ettinger | Leather Products London | The Aficionados
Ettinger London is synonymous with outstanding quality, as dictated by the worthy seal of approval in 1996, in recognition of the work carried out for the Royal Household, Ettinger of London was appointed with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales

Brand Intro

Boldly British all the way through, family-run Ettinger London has been in the business of creating elegant leather goods for over 80 years. In 1996, in recognition of the work carried out for the Royal Household, Ettinger of London was appointed with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales. The brand continues to impress its international customers with its enduring quality, eccentricity and distinctive colourways.


Every man or woman about town knows that your accessories say a lot about you. Luxury leather goods company Ettinger London caught on to our desire for quality, stylish embellishments some time ago, providing a range of beautifully crafted, handmade wallets, cardholders and purses. Larger designs followed with the addition of satchels, belts and overnight holdalls.

Timeless, minimalist and masculine in styling, Ettinger London is synonymous with outstanding quality. What also stands out is the eccentric and eye-catching use of colour inside their products.

Taking inspiration from UK banknotes, Ettinger’s gorgeous leather goods open up to reveal luscious hues of deep-sea, dry stone, sky blue and London tan. Quite the event when you offer to pay the bill.


Being one of a handful of leather good companies in the UK makes Ettinger’s endeavours to promote the next generation of craftsman even more significant. It all started in 1934 with founder Gerry Ettinger whose contacts gleaned from the film industry, where he hobnobbed with glamerati such as Marlene Dietrich, were used to blossom a business in luxury gifts.

Taking over a leather goods factory in Birmingham that had been supplying since 1890, Ettinger used traditional techniques and unwavering quality as a foundation for craftsmanship and design which continues today. The reins are now firmly held by Gerry’s son Robert who has expanded the business in Asia and the Far East, where its quintessential British-ness holds firm.

Stand Out

Like many a born and bred Brit, Ettinger aligns itself with modern British principles. Perhaps a little traditional and restrained on the outside, inside we’re all flamboyant fun….

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