Bars of Handcrafted soap in pastel and bold colours | Claus Porto | Artisanal Candles, Soaps and Fragrances made in Portugal
Claus Porto | Artisanal Candles, Soaps and Fragrances made in Portugal

Brand Intro

Four generations of soap-making define Claus Porto, a Portuguese company dating back to 1887, inspired by the scent of land and sea.


Whether you’re browsing in the three-storey Porto townhouse store, the Lisbon boutique lined with blue-and-white azulejo tiles or simply online, you’ll find a range of Claus Porto’s iconic products that run the gauntlet from soap to candles, fragrances to hand cream, shampoo bars to shave oil. 

Wrapped in its idiosyncratic printed paper, Claus Porto’s soaps in particular aredistinguishable by their unique design and bright patterns. Once unwrapped, clasp the oval-shaped soap and be enveloped in an olfactory experience that is Claus Porto’s standout USP. With high quality raw materials to work with, scents range from honeysuckle, eucalyptus, verbena to cedar to name a few. To treat the man in your life, browse the Musgo Real collection, which was first created in 1936, with its distinctive turquoise and black branding, find traditional soap on a rope, shaving creams, body soap and musky scents.


Original Factory | Claus Porto | Artisanal Candles, Soaps and Fragrances made in Portugal

Entrepreneurs Ferdinand Claus and George Schweder were the founders behind the eponymous soap shop, which dates back to a rather astonishing 1887 when the fragrance factory and shop began life in Porto. In 1916, Achilles de Brito joined as partner and with him came a focus on the decorative design with the setting up of a lithography and printing studio to produce labels of better and larger quality. By the 20th century Brito’s grandchildren were bringing the company into a new chapter, marketing the soap to the UK and USA, which later cemented itself firmly in the luxury sector, endorsed by many around the world, charmed by Claus Porto’s perfumed products.

Today the company stays relevant with new product launches such as diffusers and new colognes, whilst still trading on Portuguese tradition and the inspirational scents that made Claus Porto a hit from the start. With soaps making a big comeback as a plastic-free, eco option, we can see Claus Porto’s longevity continuing for some time.

Stand Out

The most perfect gifts or even better kept for oneself, Claus Porto’s soaps are patterned mementos from Porto that are scented with love.

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