Grevi Hat Makers  | Milliners of Signa, Florence | The Aficionados
Wooden Hat mould | Grevi Hat Makers  | Milliners of Signa, Florence | The Aficionados

Brand Intro

Hatmaker extraordinaire since 1875, Grevi stands alongside iconic fashion brands, together celebrating the longevity of Italy’s renowned fashion heritage. Giuseppe runs the company today alongside his sisters Roberta and Silvana; collectively, they are fourth-generation milliners. 


Grevi Hat Makers  | Milliners of Signa, Florence | The Aficionados Grevi Hat Makers  | Milliners of Signa, Florence | The Aficionados

Threaded with rich strands of durability, Grevi’s hat collections specialise in woven hats for men and women, much of which are sewn by hand by a team of 40 locals, working in their homes. Today they are connected to the past – where for generations, the traditions and methods have been passed down to skilled artisans – who with their imaginations and strong capability have become known for their unique styles. Such is their versatility, fashion came calling and a partnership formed, with regular showcasing of Grevi’s hats in high fashion magazines and in worldwide luxury designer boutiques.

Today you can browse Grevi’s shop Via della Spada in Spigna, near Florence, Tuscany and see the creations for yourself. Although hand-stitched, woven and crocheted using time-honoured methods, the hats, cloches, straw hats, sun hats are original and fresh. We love the striped straw sun hat – perfect for sightseeing in Firenze. 


The story of Grevi is the story of its hats, changing and evolving as trends do, as well as setting styles themselves. What sets them apart is the continuation of their traditions, steadfastly paying homage to the past with their dedication to preserving hat making rituals while gently courting the fashion industry to produce trend led designs.

From its more functional beginnings, the thirties saw Grevi respond to the need for formal yet fancy headwear such as felt hats, unique straw creations and top hats using luxe fabrics such as velvet and organza. Moving forward, the 60s moved away from the formality of hat wearing to a more casual approach, combined with the fun and frivolity of this freeing part of history. Grevi created a new style, introducing the Tuscan lambskin hat, a warm but fashionable fluffy hat that topped many a voguish lady. Today, the hat makers continue apace in its fourth generation – find them in Florence, Fenwicks in London or international men’s boutique Trunk Clothier – another Aficionados favourite

Stand Out

If attention to detail and craftsmanship over generations is your thing, then a Grevi hat will be the perfect accompaniment to your style.

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