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One of the rawest parts of Ireland – the Wild Atlantic Way - is home to McNutt’s, producers of the softest cashmere and woollen blankets, scarfs and throws, crafted by local artisan weavers.


McNutts of Donegal is the place to come for those cosy objects that soften our homes, warm our hearts and make excellent presents to tiny babies. McNutts represents the kinds of luxe fabrics and touches that simply make the world feel better.

Using a range of soft-as-butter materials such as alpaca, cashmere, linen and lambswool, McNutts products can be sought in the form of scarfs, throws, blankets and baby blankets.

Colours are enticing, with a spectrum of muted and on-trend hues such as satsuma orange, uniform grey and chalk blue that we know would look just right over the side of an armchair or preferably over our knee. 

What makes these tactile textiles even more warming is McNutts commitment to the environment, and their recent ‘Why Linen’ campaign, which shed light on the unsustainability of cotton verses the production of flax which forms linen, that uses a mere 3% of the water consumption that cotton uses.


A windswept village in Donegal was the birthplace of this Irish brand, back in 1953. An area of wild and rugged beauty where white-sand beaches butt up against endless green mountains became a source of inspiration to McNutt’s who continues to honour the weaving traditions of yore, with a healthy respect for the now – absorbing Scandi aesthetics into their colourways and becoming an international brand sought by luxe-seeking individuals and in-the-know interior designers.

By steadfastly keeping to their heritage, Mcnutts have never compromised on the quality of the weave or the material and 2020 sees them increasing their collection with the  addition of linen bath towels, reversable throws and lightweight ‘Paris’ scarfs, ideal for springtime. In-house designers are constantly challenging themselves with new ideas, with the rugged backgrounds of the Wild Atlantic Way always a source of inspiration. Find them online or in their gorgeous shop in Donegal, perhaps as part of an exploration of this wildly beautiful area of the world.

Stand Out

When fabric has had this much care put into it shows or rather in McNutts case – it feels. We dare anyone not to fall in love with these softer-than-soft scarfs and blankets.

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