Giorgio Hatter | The Cool Hat Maker of Athens, Greece
Giorgio Hatter | The Cool Hat Maker of Athens, Greece | The Aficionados

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A third-generation millinery business, Giorgio Hatter found in the historic centre of Athens is stacked with the most stylish hats in town.


Giorgio Hatter | The Cool Hat Maker of Athens, Greece | The Aficionados Giorgio Hatter | The Cool Hat Maker of Athens, Greece | The Aficionados

Piled high to the rafters, you’re unlikely to leave Giorgio’s without chic new headwear, such is the range and high quality of the offerings from this family-run shop in Athens. With a thriving online business too, we like the thought of popping into Giorgio’s on our way to our summer holiday on the Greek islands.

From Panama’s, wide-brimmed sun hats, linen hats to classic straw hats, Giorgio’s caters for men and women and although some are handwoven, the company also imports from quality sources from around the globe. For example, you might have a boater made from Tuscan straw or a hat that’s been handwoven in Ecuador. A seal of quality comes in the form of Giorgio’s branded hat box which come with every purchase, meaning you can keep your hat in tip top condition.


Established in 1978, Giorgio’s has more than 50 years of business under its hat. Starting with a sawmill factory in Kalamata, founder Georgios Polychronopoulos began the family business Giorgio Hatter by manufacturing school hats. When his son Ilias Polychronopoulos opened the family-run shop in the centre of Greece, the company expanded as word spread. More hats began to be made and the business grew when it began to import various hats and designs from Italy and other European countries. Today Giorgio Hatter is in the trusty hands of the third generation. Giorgos and Vassiliki uphold the businesses reputation, producing the traditional hat wear they’re known for whilst engaging with a younger generation by keeping their designs fresh and trend led.

Stand Out

Heading to the islands? Stop at Giorgio Hatter for the perfect sun hat to accompany hot and summery days in the Cyclades.

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