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Mrs Walsh Cocktail Makers | The Aficionados

Brand Intro

Delicately flavoured and stylishly presented, Mrs Walsh’s cocktails are ready to drink and completely irresistible.


Ever waited just a little bit too long for that ‘expertly crafted’ cocktail to make its way to you, either in a bar a la mode or simply at home at six o’clock, while the ice rattles the shaker? Your days of dogged patience may be over with the launch of Mrs Walsh’s readymade cocktails.

Fear not, these are no low-quality, high sugar, brightly hued alco-pops. These are the real deal. The chunky glass bottles give the first indication of class, followed by a glimpse of the ingredients, curious yet mouth-watering combinations including mescal, blackcurrant, hibiscus and sea salt (delicious, dry and smoky) or vermouth, mirin and cherry blossom (tart, savoury and moreish) which tell you that these are no ordinary pick-me-ups. The range also includes a Berry Sour Punch with bourbon, Stolen Dance – a darling of a drink with gin plus tasty alcohol-free spirits mixed to excite most tastes. Easy to take to a party, send as a gift, plunder from the minibar, drink by the lake, on a picnic or at a wedding, Mrs Walsh’s is the new way to aperitivo.


Like us, we're sure you’re by now inquisitive about the etymology of this cocktail brand – ‘Mrs Walsh’. Well, Mrs Walsh was the first ‘It Girl’ of New York. Clara as she was known was also the first person to ever throw a cocktail party in 1917 in her New York apartment, festooned with chandeliers. The combination of Sunday afternoons with well-mixed drinks led her to become a living legend in society at the time.

In order to honour her memory, founder of Mrs Walsh, Dr. Hans-Christian Krumholz is the maker behind this range of delectable cocktails. Having always enjoyed the idea of an al fresco drink, on-the-go but without sacrificing quality, coupled with being an aficionado of all things stylish and in good taste, it became apparent that Dr. Hans needed to follow through with what was not available at the parties, restaurants and bars he frequented. With the introduction of Mrs Walsh’s cocktails, we need not worry any more.

Stand Out

Cancel out the middleman mixologist and tedious waiting time with Mrs Walsh’s really rather nice cocktails, ready to drink. Just don’t forget the ice.

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