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Skier flying through the air | Rōnin Skis | Environmentally Conscious Ski Made in France  | The Aficionados

Brand Intro

Environmentally conscious skis made to last a lifetime and handmade in Chamonix, Rōnin Skis are a winter sports brand for the future.


Billed as ‘clean’ skis, Rōnin take pride in their environmentally friendly production with a method honed over time. Today Rōnin use bio-friendly resins, natural flax fibre grown in France and poplar, beech and bamboo wood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. In terms of its design, Rōnin have developed a thicker, more robust edge to the skis, meaning that they are more durable and longer lasting, thereby avoiding the sad sight of skis in landfill.

When it comes to choosing your skis, the first thing to know is that Rōnin skis are lively and responsive and have a range of good all-rounders – for the off-piste, deep powder chaser who favours backcountry to the downhill pistes skier who is often on compacted snow. With a culmination of 10 years of ski design paired with rigorous testing in the Chamonix valley, each Rōnin model is created to deliver a specific experience - for example the Rōnin 88 is an ultralight ski created for long days in the mountains whereas the Rōnin 98 allows for unrivalled downhill performance.


Firstly, let’s address any curiosity about the unusual name – Rōnin – which refers to a type of Japanese samurai who has lost his master, becoming a wandering warrior, able to choose their own path, or in this case mountain.

And the man behind the warrior? A chap named Jonno Jacobs whose first experience of skiing was with his father in South Africa on a dry ski slope. He has made his home in Chamonix for over 15 years and alongside extensive skiing he fell in love with the process of making skis, describing it as obtaining ‘a sense of mastery’ over both his ski style and ski production. His first effort was conceived using a vacuum pump from the back of a refrigerator and pressed in a plastic bag, clamped to the living room table. Despite the lack of professional materials, a desire for quality was ignited and when a local mountain guide spotted the skis and asked about their provenance. Rōnin  skis started their alpine journey – with an order to a private heli-ski lodge for ten pairs. Mission accomplished!

Stand Out

Handmade skis with heart and soul, Rōnin are rigorously tested on and around the mountain pistes of Chamonix.

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