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A culinary legend, the wild herbs of Austria's Vorarlberg region and a small batch distillery produce this standout artisanal gin - a beverage of 46% that captures the botanical magic of the Alps. 


Crafted Herb infused Gins from Vorarlberg | XI Gin | Artisanal Small Batch Distillery | Austria | The Aficionados XI Gin | Artisanal Small Batch Distillery | Austria | The Aficionados

Those with an attention to detail might have spotted the use of Roman numerals in this brand’s name -  XI refers to the number of roots and herbs used in the distillation of their botanical gins. Developed in collaboration with Alain Weissgerber, a top chef from Austria, your introduction to XI Gins might be via their classic XI Gin, which contains eleven hand-picked herbs and roots from the Vorarlberg region, providing a wonderfully original flavour – spicy with notes of alpine – like a walk in the woods, soft and yielding to the taste.

The next step might be to try XI’s unfiltered version, coming in an eye-catching wide-necked bottle. With a sharper flavour, the range has been expanded to include five limited edition gins enhanced with berries, from bright summer-tasting sea buckthorn to fruity, autumnal rosehip, you taste the seasons and choose your tipple based on your mood. We love the aesthetics of the bottles where you can see the berries in situ in the gin, pleasing, tempting and design-cool all at the same time.


XI Gin almost came about by accident and certainly was not created to become the success story it is today.  When looking for a special drink to take to an event abroad, the producers of XI wanted to create a taste of home so began experimenting with gin distilled with meadow herbs and roots from the forest of Voralberg.

This exciting new refreshment was the star of the show and set the wheels in motion for a more dedicated approach to developing gin. Together with experts from the region, they tested their unique secret recipe for XI Gin. The first batch was still distilled in a friend's garage, where they began to hone their craft. With careful experimentation and slow-watch methodology, they created XI - a magnificent way to connect with the mountains whilst enjoying a classic G n’ T.

Stand Out

Let XI Gin take you on an alpine journey, a taste sensation that brings the mountains into your glass.

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