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Plainly’s hand cream is perhaps its flagship product – rich, creamy but not greasy, luxuriously nurturing and infused with the essence of lemongrass, rosemary or ginger.

Brand Intro

Possibly one of the best recent discoveries, the hand-loving brand Plainly is not only the most stylish-looking hand-care product we’ve tried and tested but is also incredibly effective. A pure skincare product that you will want to get your hands on, quite literally. Made in Germany.


 Plainly | Natural Hand & Skin Care | The Aficionados

Can luxurious products be eco-conscious? Plainly yes. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Plainly is the result of years of research and environmental commitment, evident in the quality of its unique 98% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free purist formulations. 

Plainly’s handwash and anti-ageing treatments are truly fabulous, but it is perhaps its flagship product, the hand cream, that steels the show.  Creamy but not greasy, luxuriously nurturing and smelling truly divine from the use of lemongrass, rosemary or ginger – depending on your skin type. We also love the cuticle oil, pure wellness for your digits. With a deliberately small amount of ingredients, which are 98% natural and 100% vegan, it takes more time to list what is absent in the products, including silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sulphates and microplastics. 

At last, an intelligently crafted, complete care regime dedicated to our hands that works and is good for the planet. The brand aesthetics were created by Zürich based Winkreative, so expect beautiful well-thought packaging with a natural touch and feel of luxury.


With a history of entrepreneurs running in the family DNA, it took a pandemic for Plainly founder Artsem to condense his idea for high-end skincare into a niche segment of the market: luxury hand care. With our masked faces meaning our hands gained importance in expressing ourselves, Artsem was drawn to an area often overlooked in our beauty regimes – the hands.

Undergoing rigorous lab testing and research into formulas and packaging over a number of years, Plainly was finally ready. Superlative design (aided by Winkreative no less), a laser focus on high-performing ingredients and a dedication to tactile, sustainable materials (the heavy, glass sand-blasted bottles wrapped in paper from Bavaria speak of a conscious luxury) shows Plainly means business. And with affable Artsem at the helm who likes meeting new people, gleaning inspiration from travel and has a thing for design, we’re in no doubt that Plainly is going places. 

Stand Out

There’s a new hand regime in town, made with an ethical heart by a young entrepreneur – spot Plainly’s timeless design on interiors shoots, in discerning hotels, model’s handbags - and your hidden secret to great-looking hands in the bathroom.

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