Monkey Wallpaper by Fornasetti | Crossing Condotti Luxury Suites & Design Apartments | Rome, Italy

The Chilled Aristo

Crossing Condotti Luxury Suites & Design Apartments | Rome, Italy
Rome's ode to La Dolce Vita, Crossing Condotti is a gorgeous pick-n-mix of effortless style, lived-in luxury and glam dashes of heritage


Crossing Condotti is a style colony of luxury suites, lavish apartments and designer penthouse living created within the 18th-century palazzo townhouse, which poignantly resides behind the Piazza di Spagna and namesake, Via Condotti, in the heart of Rome’s historic Tridente district. Fringed in the once exotic artistic quarters of the city – the original stomping grounds for the aristocratic elite who flocked here as Grand Tourists centuries ago, Crossing Condotti is surrounded by an empire's antiquities, the bohemian lustre of Rome’s present-day couture labels. Unlike a hotel, and with just a handful of luxury rooms, a help-yourself house pantry decorated with Fornasetti wallpapers and a residents library lounge, Crossing Condotti is much the small design noble.

It possesses the acquired pedigree of a dinky boutique guesthouse and the heart of a gorgeous home decorated in exceptional style, tucked discreetly behind a typical Roman entranceway and curled stairwell. The rich theatrics of this lovely ‘home’ are revealed once upstairs, leading through elegant salons of classicism, chilled luxury and that all-important, contemporary detailing adding a touch of townhouse glam. Rome's ode to La Dolce Vita, Crossing Condotti is a gorgeous pick-n-mix of effortless style, lived-in luxury, and glam dashes of heritage, each of the boutique suites is a uniquely lovable escape from the hustle and bustle of the world's most longstanding metropolitan city. A wonderland of treats and authenticity, Crossing Condotti’s open, liveable feel is bolstered by family antiques, select mid-century icons and subtle allusions to Rome's addictive centuries-old culture, wrapped in rich textiles from silk taffeta to velvet. A place of stillness that has hopped into bed with art, culture and design, Crossing Condotti is at home with bohemians as much as with the fashion crowd – think beautiful walls in paper from Hermes to colour palettes that mix buttercreams and graphite greys with orange blush, pistachio and Chanel black. Personal artworks and sculptures headline the cultural vibe from the likes of Sergio Vanni, Wetfloor, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini and Beatrice Spadea.

Seamlessly bridging the gap between old and new, flashes of modern art sit in harmony against historic oil paintings. In the bedrooms you might discover a Wetfloor original like Nigredo in the Spagna room – its African raffia fabrics riffing alongside ancient portraits, antique furniture and handicrafts. Likewise, in the Frattina bedroom, Orlandi’s unique flowing wire installations clash beautifully with Cassina 50s armchairs and the glowing bronze of the Vico Magistretti Atollo Lamp sitting atop a mahogany-stained walnut wood chest. It’s this brave and confident mixing of history and art that allows Crossing Condotti to pick and choose from the centuries from classicism to modernity, with standout, colourful flair.

Crossing Condotti comes with a very switched-on, hip concierge desk and daytime hosts who love to share their hot insider tips as well as the original go-to places in Rome. Perfect for those indie travellers who covet absolute discretion and quiet, understated hotel-style luxury in the heartlands of fashion, centuries-old culture and design.


Crossing Condotti Luxury Suites & Design Apartments | Rome, Italy Boutique Bedroom Suite | Crossing Condotti Luxury Suites & Design Apartments | Rome, Italy

Crossing Condotti Rome is an assemblage of 10 deluxe bedrooms & suites including the Penthouse Master Suite and an adjacent designer apartment, Crossing Corso. The luxury accommodation offers a wide range of sleeping options, including larger apartments for up to six adults – best browse on through and pick out your preferred den for you, the family or with your fashionable friends.


With some of the best eateries, bars, espresso pit-stops and fine-dining restaurants as your neighbours, when creating the Crossing Condotti it was thought better to feel more integrated into the hood and what better way to do this than starting your day as the Romans do: at the local espresso bar. You can of course fix yourself the early morning caffeine kick courtesy of the in-room Nespresso machine and a refrigerator filled with soft drinks.

Continue as the Italians do and head for the complimentary house bar for that important l'aperitivo and make yourself at home with unlimited access to the pantry kitchen decorated with Fornasetti wallpaper, stocked with your yummy day-to-day essentials. For longer stays book the apartment - the onsite team can fill your pantry with your favourites or have fresh ingredients delivered if you fancy knocking up dinner.

Via Condotti is the homeland to designer couture brands that populate the cobbled streets and a 10-minute stroll to the famous Trevi Fountain


With the Spanish Steps as your neighbour, Crossing Condotti is right in the heart of the dapper northern part of central Rome – often referred to as the Tridente district (Piazza del Popolo – Via di Ripetta, Via del Corso and Via del Babuino), with Via Condotti being the homeland to designer couture brands that populate the cobbled streets. It is also a 10-minute stroll to the famous Trevi Fountain. 


Proud owners Carlotta Botta and Alfio Puglisi are the creative duo behind Crossing Condotti in Rome’s cultural heartlands. A marriage of a former lawyer and hotelier from Sicily, the couple set about a new adventure in life and for Carlotta a shift from the legal world into hotels and her passion for interior design.

They decided to try out a radical idea, to convert a palazzo - inherited from Alfio’s mother - besides the Spanish Steps in Rome into a boutique hotel that was more like a home away from home than anything else. Carlotta excitedly got to work selecting pieces of iconic design furniture and contemporary art to combine with some of the family heirlooms that Alfio had from Sicily. But, as the fable says, ‘happy wife, happy life’, he let Carlotta design the interior to her heart’s content. Needless to say, he made the right choice. 12 years later Crossing Condotti has expanded to 9 rooms and an apartment with a constant flow of international travellers stopping by to make themselves at home while visiting the eternal city.

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