Spa Hotel Forsthofgut Zell am See Austria | outdoor pool steaming int he snow | Winter Wellness Wonders in the Alps | Luxury Spa Hotels
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Luxury Winter Wellness in the Alps

The perfect winter pairing must be spa and ski – and where better to indulge than in a luxury alpine hotel clasped in the mountains. 

Take a look at our collection of winter wellness wonders that gleam with positive chillax vibes. Gaze at glorious images of steamy outdoor pools framed by snow-dusted peaks, vast day beds positioned in front of panoramic views, subterranean caves which promise a ‘new you’ and architecturally stunning rooftop plunge pools.  Get ready to dive right in…

Miramonti, Italy​

Miramonti Hotel | Winter Wellness Wonders in the Alps | Luxury Spa Hotels

Like swimming on top of the Alps, Miramonti’s rooftop mountain pool is wrapped in ancient volcanic stone and overlooks snow-dusted peaks; the forest spa is enclosed by blackened larch and a nearby onsen steams invitingly.

Weißes Kreuz, Italy

Weisses Kreuz Hotel | Winter Wellness Wonders in the Alps | Luxury Spa Hotels

Sink into the vast and unforgettable day beds at Weißes Kreuz that offer easy relaxation and mountain vistas post-massage or after a round of sauna and steam. Lavish and luxurious with a side of prosecco – we totally deserve it! 

Forsthofgut, Austria

Hotel Forsthofgut Leogang, Zell am See Austria | Winter Wellness Wonders in the Alps | Luxury Spa Hotels

We love a hotel spa that takes advantage of its environment – step up Forsthofgut surrounded by the snowy Leogang Mountains. The spa, steamy pools, saunas, onsens and bathing lake are revealed as you delve deeper into the forest. 

Amrai Suites, Austria

Amrai Suites Spa Hotel | Wellness in the Winter Alps

Another eye-catching swim zone, Amrai Suites’ subterranean spa area includes a lap pool topped with an arched copper roof alongside a multitude of spa pleasures including glacier grotto, floating loungers, copper bath, ice fog, steam bath and herbal fire.

The Hide, Switzerland

The Hide Hotel Flims, Switzerland  | Spa, Ski and Wellness in the Alps

Ski and spa go together like cheese and fondue – especially at The Hide’s sumptuous spa hangout made up of saunas, hot tubs, an ice grotto and steam rooms that are perfect for after a tough day on the slopes or detoxing out all that après. 

Schgaguler, Italy

Schgaguler Wellness Hotels in South Tyrol | Spa resort

Schgaguler’s subterranean spa level contains a Turkish bath, ice room and mud bath; outside soak up Vitamin D on the pinewood sun deck, splash around in the pool or be bubbly in the panoramic Jacuzzi.

Hotel Arlberg, Austria

Hotel Arlberg Lech Austria | Winter Wellness Wonders in the Alps | Luxury Spa Hotels

Feel those spa vibes with all your senses at Hotel Arlberg where snow, ice, water and heat narrate the Senses Spa. Pairing with Susanne Kaufmann for the in-house spa products shows the calibre of this wellness wonder.


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