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A story of confected restoration and salvaged diligence, Monteverdi in Tuscany is a reclamation project of scale, spanning 14 years, turning the dilapidated Tuscan hilltop hamlet of Castiglioncello del Trinoro into a style commune of bold rural architecture.

Once a run-down medieval village, it took the vision, passion and foresight of founder and philanthropist Michael Cioffi to reimagine Monteverdi and its effortless Italian charm, rustic connection with the land and steadfast commitment to restoration. The result is an astonishing re-creation; fostering the arts where roots run deep and where no literal stone was left unturned in the quest for harnessing an ethical and true revival.

A hilltop sanctuary of heritage, Monteverdi is at once calming and simple, as it is a complex homage to its past where mammoth effort has been made to restore, retrofit and salvage materials, encapsulating ancient techniques and way of life with a compelling narrative of modern design. Michael Cioffi, alongside fierce guardian of Italian heritage, Ilaria Miani who used her eye for design and architecture to guide the project, worked with DA. Studio’s principal architect Ernesto Bartolini to together forge an honest, pure path to Monteverdi’s reconstruction.

Materials, of course, play a huge part in the look and feel of Monteverdi’s architecture. Local wood, Tuscan flagstone, granite, travertine and Carrara marble create a simple farmhouse aesthetic, each with their own function. Ilaria Miani, who has a deep respect for the ruinous building and is famed for her considerate approach to reclamation, has a passion for Italy’s abandoned cultural gems and sees the beauty in the ruin, the crumbling wall, the heavy beams and rewilded rural nature.

The collection of buildings that was to become Monteverdi was, therefore, an ideal project for Maini. Looking past any more modern additions to the ancient structures that had occurred over time, Maini made the design decision to strip right back to the base layers of the old buildings, revealing an aged patina that was both authentic and hugely appealing in its tactile quality, pared-back aesthetic and casual sophistication. Heavy beamed ceilings, timber-framed archways and old farm doors, reused on wardrobes meant very little wastage. Walls are indented with the nooks and crannies of the passage of time and layered on top is a rural concept that looks to its environment for inspiration, including earthy ceramic artwork and terracotta pendant lighting that nods to the ripples of Val d’Orcia’s clay hills.

Colour, although brightly hued in places, feels rooted to Italy's history and the richly decorated colour palette of the Italian Renaissance in deep ochres, midnight blues, grassy greens and dusky pinks. Where restoration was not possible, local artisans replicated centuries-old craft whilst keeping alive the traditions of old. Much of the furniture was made this way, and unique pieces like the metal-frame canopy beds were also bespokely designed.

The 14th-century church was reconfigured to become a lofty, auditory and cultural living space – today, it hosts concerts from world-renowned artists, the artistic, sensory and beauteous pleasure of Monteverdi drifting on the breeze.

An astonishing re-creation; fostering the arts where roots run deep where no literal stone was left unturned in the quest for harnessing an ethical and true revival.


Boutique Hotel Suite | Monteverdi Hotel | Beautiful Luxurious Hotel & Spa in Tuscany

As you might expect within this scattered village setting, there are a variety of picks for your chosen lay-your-head spot. The rooms, suites and village houses each offer something a little different but all follow a similar design manifesto with use of bold yet matt colour references, exposed wooden beamed ceilings, hand-dyed linens from C&C Milano, bespoke, crafted furniture including beds and where possible, windows and doors that face the tranquil Tuscan views.

We love the Monte Cetona Suite decorated in sage green with an oversized bathtub hewn from travertine which has views over the endless greens of the Val d’Orcia valley. The Tuscan Suites are airy masterpieces of space, salvaged materials and thoughtful design – replete with old frescoes, modern art and baths placed confidently in the middle of the room.


Rarely do you come to Tuscany and not enjoy its culinary traditions, but at Monteverdi, the art of eating well is taken to the next level. Monteverdi Culinary Director Chef Giancarla Bodoni oversees the foodie offering in restaurants Oreade and Zita, homing in on local ingredients and Tuscan traditions, skilfully created into a fine dining concept.

Monteverdi also plays hosts to visiting Michelin-starred chefs who take residence at the hotel, and guests can take part in other foodie excursions that reveal the secrets of its culinary heritage such as white truffle hunting, visits to flour mills and cheesemakers and of course, discovering wines through the uniquely designed Master Sommelier Wine Tasting Experience.


Wellness & Spa in the countryside of Tuscany | Monteverdi Hotel | Beautiful Luxurious Hotel & Spa in Tuscany

Tuscan tranquillity is just a few steps away at the Monteverdi spa, a surprisingly science-driven wellness centre. Offering more than just a soothing rub down, the spa provides aesthetic medicine, preventative therapies and beauty treatments performed by a raft of practitioners and qualified medical consultants.

As well as bespokely designed wellness retreats and holistic detox programs, you can try innovative treatments such as cryotherapy or IV light therapy. If you’re a traditionalist at heart, take a tour of the spa circuit featuring saunas, steams and sensory showers. An outdoor yoga platform awaits for a Vinyasa session, or simply soak away your cares in the underground Roman bath.


The medieval village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro is cradled within the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, undulating hillocks punctuated by spire-like cypress trees and clusters of habitation in a classic, archetypal scene. One such scene is Monteverdi, equidistant to Rome and Florence by around 100 miles and surrounded by Tuscan traditions, ancient vines and medieval hilltop towns in a dreamy panorama. World-renowned wine regions dot the landscapes like nearby Montepulciano and Montalcino, home of Brunello di Montalcino; historic towns Pienza and Siena are easily explored by day trip.


American founder Michael L. Cioffi is a committed Italophile, first visiting Tuscany post-college and then again for a birthday celebration in 2003 in Val d’Orcia. It was then when he first set his eyes on the hamlet of Castiglioncello del Trinoro, and although in a ruinous state, he recognised its potential for reclamation and tranquillity. He slowly began a project of careful restoration, working on the villas first, which he rented out before adding a spa, contemporary art gallery and fine-dining restaurant, marking the birth of Monteverdi as we know it now.

When Coffi is not bringing magical restoration dreams to life, he works for an international law firm focusing on environmental law, among others; he also teaches at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, exploring the relationship between culture and law. An unending love letter to Italy, the arts and a quest for tranquillity, Michael L. Cioffi’s Monteverdi is a triumph to a man of productive talents.

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