Deep in the Dolomites is Brixen (Bressanone), a northern Italian town in Trentino Alto Adige, part of the Dolomiti UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient town holds over 1,000 years of history – admire its alpine charm and the cathedral decorated with frescoes and Murano chandeliers and in winter a twinkling Christmas market creates the archetypal alpine scene. From here, the valley cascades in forested hills and rocky ridges, clasping little villages such as Palmschoss, found cradled to the Plose Mountain – the location of the St.Andrä ski area. Coming by plane, you’ll likely to land via Bolzano, Innsbruck, or a little further afield, Verona.

This low-key part of northern Italy is not particularly showy, rather it prefers to be in deference to the astounding natural world around it. You might hear Italian or German spoken and you’ll see appreciation for the great outdoors wherever you go. In summer, hike the mountain trails, swim in the lakes and forage in the forests. In winter, ski down the modest pistes, warm up in cosy refuges or try your hand at dog sledding. It’s mountain life, pure and simple.

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