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The Makers Crafting our Favourite Skis

To be able to make skis from scratch is a sheer skill and one that we’d like to applaud. Whether made from bamboo, walnut, beech, poplar or redwood, these seven ski chosen makers are using innovation, sustainability and tradition to carve out skis that have high performance, durability and also look great. More than that, it’s their combined ethos that stands out – these ski makers have a dedication to the mountains that we love – follow us on our journey to the most inspiring ski makers across Europe.


Man Skiiing on the slopes - Ski Makers |  The Aficionados Journal

Created and built since 1981 by those with a passion for riding, Åre Skidfabrik are Swedish manufacturers of skis and snowboards. The factory runs on 100% renewable energy and has a heat recycling system with drilled energy holes for geo-thermal heat – making it the world’s most modern ski factory.


Born in Grisons, Switzerland, Simon Jacomet had an early obsession with the mystery of the mountains and began skiing at a young age. As he grew older, he was able to make a living from skiing, teaching and also becoming part of the Swiss Snow Demo Team then working as a technical trainer in the Ski World Cup. This gave him a deeper understanding of how skis work, and the innovation needed to gain better performance.


Alpine Ski Hut run Snow : The Best Ski Makers | The Aficionados Journal

Born in Wengen, Switzerland, home of the famous Lauberhorn Ski Race, Mach Ski harnesses the importance of Swiss design and materials – using the highest quality possible, paired with handmade craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from the sonic boom of a jet plane, the components of a Mach ski are wood (Swiss, of course), aircraft aluminium, fibreglass and a graphite racing base to create a smooth, fast speed. Modern and speedy yet timeless and true.


The Best Ski Makers | The Aficionados Journal

For the ultimate combo of fashion and form, opt for the walnut race carver which has a retro look but also, according to Timbaer, ‘follows in the footsteps of World Cup athletes’, whilst offering stability at high speeds. The natural fibre slalom carver comes in charcoal black and has a sporty sidecut meaning quick turns – you’ll feel like you’re flying.

Lonely Mountain Skis

Inspired by the raw beauty of the Scottish Highland backcountry, Lonely Mountain Skis are made to withstand the sheer variety of snow you’ll find in the wilds of Scotland where ski resorts are few and dedicated skiers need to find their own fun.


The Best Ski Makers | The Aficionados Journal

Billed as ‘clean’ skis, Rōnin take pride in their environmentally friendly production with a method honed over time. What we love is that Rōnin use bio-friendly resins, natural flax fibre grown in France and poplar, beech and bamboo wood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


The Best Ski Makers | The Aficionados Journal

Tried and tested in those very early days in Sportgastein, zai skis hit the sweet spot between innovative design, traditional craftsmanship and excellent performance. In other words, these skis are what you’ll want to have clipped onto your feet as you come down the slopes of Alta Badia, Flims or Montafon – regardless of your ability, you’ll feel the confidence of quality assuredness


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