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Fly direct to South Tyrol and the Dolomites

Get straight to the heart of the action with SkyAlps ski flights that land directly from London, Antwerp, Billund, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg into Bolzano, the alpine capital of South Tyrol and is ideally placed for ski escapades in the UNESCO-protected Dolomites.

Now, cheeky ski weekends or more spontaneous mountain trips are much more easily accessible within a couple of hours of flight time.

Airline brand SkyAlps is leading the charge to fly direct from London to Bolzano, run by an eco-green Italian energy company, who’ve also had their input into the fleet. Flying to Bolzano, you’ll be in a small, regional plane that seats 78, the Dash DHC-8 Q400, a speedy little number with turboprop-powered aircraft that’s economical on short journeys, allowing for lower CO2 emissions.

When you get here – the world’s your oyster with a choice of fantastic ski resorts in South Tyrol like Kronplatz, Seiser Alm and Gitschberg Jochtal; in no time, you’ll be flying down pristine slopes and enjoying the warmth and welcome of traditional mountain huts and their rustic cuisine. And, of course, you can have your pick of high-quality lodgings too – we recommend Parkhotel Mondschein or Magdalener Hof in Bolzano itself; slightly further afield, you’ll find striking Gloriette Guesthouse, regal Castle Freudenstein and design smoothie Das Wanda.

If you happen to fly from Bolzano to the Flemish city of Antwerp - there are two fabulously designed hotels to opt for a stay in the Flemish city. Boutique Hotel Julien, with its mansion-house pedigree in the heartlands of old-town Antwerp, is a self-confessed curator of the arts, designer pieces, antiques and mid-century furnishings. Alternatively, opt for a spot of design at Hotel August - created within a former Augustinian cloister and chapel, was designed by one of Belgium's most acclaimed architects, interior designers, and product designers, Vincent Van Duysen.

SKYALPS Airline | Flights to the Dolomites Bolzano | The Aficionados
SKYALPS Airline | Flights to the Dolomites Bolzano | The Aficionados SKYALPS Airline | Flights to the Dolomites Bolzano | The Aficionados

Discover South Tyrol with our 24 fabulous hotels - From its perch in northern Italy, South Tyrol, or Alto Adige as it is also known, is a jewel of ancient cultures set in the mighty crown of the Alps. Nestled among the Dolomite mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage site) a marriage of languages and cultures comes together in the area’s healing spa towns, medieval hamlets, fairytale castles, wine trails and foodie destinations.

Known primarily for skiing, South Tyrol is also a year-round home to hiking, mountain biking and strolling through the botanical gardens at the base of its snow-capped mountains. At the end of the day, cap it all off with a signature hay bath or a dip in the healing thermal waters. This hidden Alpine part of Italy is well worth travelling to.

This is the South Tyrol where Austria snugs up to Italy. 


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