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Ski Guide to Alta Badia, Italy

As The New York Times, The Guardian, and international travel sections begin to fill up with articles about winter getaways, we’re going to throw our recommendation into the mix. Tried and true, Alta Badia, on the border of Austria and Italy, offers unparalleled winter sports, relaxation, and cuisine.

No picture could do justice to the towering rocky cliffs of the Dolomites, this is one of those places you have to see to believe. The ski season lasts from November to April and even when there are warm temperatures on the ground, the higher elevations still have ideal conditions for skiing, tobogganing, and winter hiking.

One can find all of these events within a short distance of the Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence. The challenging and lengthy tobogganing runs at Störes Plateau Heilig Kreuz are not for the faint of heart, or, if you really want to get your ticker racing, head for the mighty Alta Badia natural toboggan run, a 3½ kilometre journey from Piz Sorega to St. Kassian. If you’d rather spend the day speeding down the slopes upright, numerous routes are within a stones throw, ski passes can be arranged at the front desk, and ski and snowboard rental is just seconds from the front door.

(Did we mention Resort guests get a 10% discount?)

If you’re not convinced by the extraordinary location, perhaps the luxury of resort life will appeal to your stressed out soul. A Finnish sauna, steam bath, and spa treatments galore in a cultivated mountain environment are all yours for the enjoying. The region has plenty of top restaurants, but if you’re seeking a cosy evening in after a full day on the slopes, and really don’t want to pop by the local supermarket, order the Lagació Shopping Crate. Once again they’ve thought of everything, and with the shopping crate, you can get the best of the region’s fresh foods and specialities. Start your day with organic produce and fresh rye-flour rolls delivered to your door in the crate. You don’t even have to pack a toothbrush – just order one with the rest of your groceries.

There are few winter activities as satisfying as spending the day in the crisp mountain air and enjoying the warm sun on your face, then heading back to the heat of a Finnish sauna, a delectable meal, and snuggling under the covers for a well deserved night of Z’s. 

Alta Badia, on the borders of Austria and Italy, is another fantastic place to head when in South Tyrol, offering unparalleled views of the world renowned Dolomites. Here skiing is a part of their history, it is a tradition, and boy do they do it well. The season in Alta Badia lasts from November to April and is renowned for its fun and lengthy toboggan runs, in particular the heart racing 3½ km journey from Piz Sorega to St. Kassian – completely rejuvenating, it'll have you feeling like a child again.

Skiing in South Tyrol, Italy | Travel Alps | The Aficionados
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