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Yoga at Design Hotel Forsthofgut & Spa: Completing the Metaphor

Deep in the Leogang Mountains of Austria, nestled in the vast reaches of pine forests and meadows, lies the exquisite luxury Forest Spa of Forsthofgut. With its modern eco-friendly architecture mirroring the purity of the environment, there is a sense of immediate balance and harmony that affects even the most impervious guest.

Yoga is one of the most profound protocols for gaining mastery over body and mind, helping us develop sustainable habits through movements that keep us healthy, fit, and able to combat tension.

Highly trained professionals teach the spa’s yoga classes and they expertly guide each guest through gentle and dynamic asanas (postures) to open the body, mind, and spirit, all within the magnificent Leogang setting that already challenges us to expand our view.

Imagine the summer sun rising through the pines as you welcome the day with outdoor Sun Salutations, filling your lungs with pure alpine air; or standing in a warm and welcome studio watching soft snow drift across the landscape as you explore the possibilities of movement in your spine.

Offering a myriad of activities, Forsthofgut's yoga program is one of the main attractions for visitors wishing to stay in shape, maintain their own personal practice, or simply shake off the stress of everyday life. As an outdoor and indoor oasis in harmony with its Austrian alpine setting, these classes compliment the clean and meditative atmosphere that has been attracting visitors to Leogang since the spa's inception.

No matter what the season, Forsthofgut's yoga classes create the perfect frame for exploring the great outdoors, warming you up for a long mountain hike or ending your day with stretches that take the sting out of exuberant exercise.

It's clear that enjoying yoga at the Forsthofgut Forest Spa provides a beautiful metaphor that speaks of 'as without, so within,' asking us to appreciate the perfection of nature as we strive for it within ourselves.

Yoga Escapes in Leogang | Austria | The Aficionados


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