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Haus Hirt: Expert Yoga Classes & Conscious Breathing

It is said that the rhythm of your breath determines the length of your life. At Haus Hirt Hotel in Austria's stunning Gastein Valley, you could almost extend your life beyond the probable just by taking in its purest alpine air in a setting of Bad Gastein that inspires one to live forever.

Sitting 1000 meters high in the embrace of the alpine Hohe Tauern Mountains and surrounded by healing springs and giant waterfalls, Haus Hirt offers impeccable yoga classes that encourage guests to awaken an inner awareness and create greater overall health. 

Whether it is on the yoga platform exquisitely situated over the Bad Gastein Waterfall, or in a perfectly designed indoor studio that offers spectacular mountain and valley views, Haus Hirt offers daily open classes in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, taught by highly trained experts who are deeply connected to the classical yoga tradition.

One of the great benefits of all yoga styles is the emphasis on conscious breathing. When we are aware of our breathing, we begin to understand and feel the enormous change it can have on our wellbeing. Yoga classes at Haus Hirt focus on the stimulation of the cerebral cortex through conscious breathing exercises.

The cerebral cortex is the more “evolved” area of the brain that can be activated through deep breathing techniques that are easy to master and maintain through specific types of training. As a meditation unto itself, conscious breathing also stimulates all of the body's chakras, positively affecting our physical, mental, and emotional states, and encouraging us to become more present and relaxed in our everyday lives. Along with the regular yoga class schedule, guests can also book specifically tailored sessions in yoga therapy and prenatal yoga, as well as special yoga retreats.

Haus Hirt is a stylish insiders den with a creative, holistic soul; open to a cool, eclectic crowd and every inch a relaxed ‘private house’, its incredible hillside setting overlooking the spa town of Bad Gastein and the surrounding nature make it a perfect environment for individuals and groups wishing to reap the vast benefits of a yoga and conscious breathing practice.

Yoga in the Alps | Bad Gastein |  The Aficionados
Yoga in the Alps | Bad Gastein |  The Aficionados Yoga in the Alps | Bad Gastein |  The Aficionados
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