Gasthaus Traube Buchs | Design Hotels in St Gallen, Switzerland

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Gasthaus Traube Buchs | Design Hotels in St Gallen, Switzerland


A fabulous creative fusing of two historic landmark buildings marks a new design narrative at Gasthaus Traube in Buchs, St. Gallen, tucked away in northeastern Switzerland close to Liechtenstein. The lovely original 200-year-old restaurant 'Traube' takes on life with a new sibling – the adjoining boutique hotel, once a humble barn. Heritage haunt Gasthaus Traube's story continues to be rewritten in an alpine montage of modern Swiss and Scandi aesthetics that frame the restored architectural bones of the house and give a nostalgic hug to traditional craftsmanship.

A forward-thinking style commune for hotel nomads and a favourite hot spot for the kinfolk of Buchs and Werdenberg, Gasthaus Traube is the brainchild of owners Kathrin Schertler-Secli and Ivan Secli, established pillars of village life. The scaled renovation and reopening of the Gasthaus was a seedling that the pair felt compelled to germinate – the duo wanted to add something of value for Buchs, creating a communal gem at the heart of village life, a place where everyone felt at ease, calling people to gather, dine, laugh and rest.

Considerate restoration, easy comfort, design and a desire to keep the warm heritage of times past were the cornerstones of the brief given to architect Jan Schmid from Berger + Partners AG and the aesthetic interior design eye of Ruth Kramer, famed for her Vals enclave Brücke 49. The Gasthaus Traube stands proudly preserved. Its crooked shape is celebrated, and thick walls now encase new treasures such as the bright garden room, timber-clad suites, custom-made furniture and Scandinavian design classics. Tradition is the ribbon that runs throughout, seen in the unique ice cellar for wine to lie and signature dinners to be served (also populated by Switzerland's largest champagne collection), the fantastic art nouveau Traube Hall, masterfully taking us back to the past with restored murals, decorative boiserie and Swiss walnut dining tables and the wooden panelled courtroom, full of authentic charm.

Pioneering a new guise for the Gasthaus Traube - the creative drive of the makers is clearly evident throughout - Ruth's Scandinavian style to Schmid's dedication to the existing spatial structure, Kathrin's desire for local crafts, and of course, Ivan's deep expertise in wine – an essential component completing the circle of thoughtfulness embedded into the reimagined Gasthaus Traube.


Gasthaus Traube Buchs | Design Hotels in St Gallen, Switzerland

Just fourteen rooms make up the sleeping quarters at Gasthaus Traube, each its own spacious cocoon of good taste and comfort. Wood is the predominant feature, assigning a homely scent and feeling of calm. Large picture windows framing the Alps sit behind an artfully arranged seating area, made up of mid-century furniture and Scandinavian design classics. Beds are large, draped in Egyptian cottons in earthy hues. Bathrooms come neatly tiled in green, reminiscent of mountain lakes, with refreshing walk-in showers.


Gasthaus Traube Buchs | Design Hotels in St Gallen, Switzerland

Chef Michal Klimek and Sous Chef Christian Gick are in charge of all things foodie at Gasthaus Traube. With a range of dining options, the Gasthaus has something to cover every occasion. Coffee and cake? Head to the bright Garden Room for a freshly ground cup. Time for beer? The Brewery with its solid oak tables, benches and bar is the perfect place to slake your thirst with a Truuba beer and perhaps a schnitzel to accompany it.

The extensive wine and champagne list deserve careful contemplation – perhaps in the traditional ice cellar, paired with dinner. Where Gasthaus Traube allows itself to show off a little is in the grand yet surprisingly cosy Traube Hall. Surrounded by historic murals and carved panelling, choose delicacies sourced locally– robust meals big on flavour includingrack of lamb served with polenta, aubergine ravioli and beef medallions with wild mushrooms.


Alpine nature is in abundance in this corner of north eastern Switzerland (Ostschweiz), guarded by the Margelchopf mountains, a sincere rival to the Matterhorn. Buchs can be found in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland, on the border with Liechtenstein surrounded by the bountiful regions of Werdenberg, Toggenburg and Heidiland. Werdenberg in particular is a gem of a town, retaining a unique wooden character being the only wooden medieval settlement in Switzerland. Werdenberg Castle sits atop a hill, gazing out over the Rhine Valley to the Alps. Liechtenstein is near enough for a visit, in six kilometres you can experience one of the smallest nations in the world.


Kathrin Schertler-Secli and Ivan Secli  | Gasthaus Traube Buchs | Design Hotels in St Gallen, Switzerland

Paragons of the local community, even without Gasthaus Traube adding a feather to their cap, both Kathrin Schertler-Secli and Ivan Secli are rooted to the locale. With their own real estate business, they also each have individual passions and projects; Kathrin is president of the local performing arts theatre in Werdenberg and Ivan runs the hugely successful Secli World of Wine – a shrine, store and testament to his deep affinity with fine wine and champagne.

The couple met in their teens, and moved to Buchs to start life together, neither originally Swiss yet finding a place easily in eastern Switzerland, growing the family and chasing their dreams. Today that dream stands as Gasthaus Traube, a reflection of passion, unwavering dedication and ultimately a love story of a couple together for 36 years, committed to one another and the community they inhabit.

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