La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Italy

A Tuscan Eclogue

La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Italy

A Tuscan Eclogue

La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Italy

A Tuscan Eclogue

La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Pienza, Italy
Puffball sheep are about the only neighbours here - a perfect exclusive-hire retreat for those of you seeking a cool modernist farmhouse for friends and family - and the sheep love listening to your music


La Bandita Countryhouse is your private-hire venue sitting snug at the end of some forgotten road just south of Pienza, set in an agricultural scene of rural seduction that smacks of Tuscany pure.

A much sought-after private house for weddings, parties, and product launches. Born of a dream by two high-flyers that wanted something else in life, they created a rarity of a bolthole that applied a good measure of down-to-earth attitude mixed with a sense of worldliness. The result is a fab non-fussed pad that has everything you need with all of the causality you crave. Forging the traditional style of the farmhouse with a sense of the modern has been cleverly played throughout, opting for a mellow fusion of eggshell palettes, natural stone floorings and tonal whites. The cool uncluttered boutique interiors adopt a contemporary vibe married with the personal notes of the owners, the whole place beautifully framing the luxury verdant idyll out yonder.

Whether you seek time in the slow lane or a place to convene, La Bandita is like finding a long lost friend in the heart of an active rural community packed with cute restaurants, family-owned vineyards, rich cultural heritage and of course, those lovely bleating sheep. This is where you feel the intensity of Tuscany in an unedited form, La Bandita Countryhouse is packed to the hilt with the luxury of sheer rustic simplicity.


La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Pienza, Italy La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Pienza, Italy

This beautifully tasteful private-hire villa has eight bedrooms so there’s plenty of space to bring the whole family or a group of like-minded travel buddies. With a panoramic swimming pool, miles of sigh-inducing views and great wine always in reach, you might not think the bedrooms would be all that important.

Not so here. The rooms at La La Bandita Countryhouse are sanctuaries of white cotton, elegant wooden bed frames, Italian bedding, smart linen curtains and white beamed ceilings. Overall, the look is of complete sophisticated luxe. Original wooden farmhouse windows open up to reveal wide swathes of rural Tuscan life which you can admire from a padded window seat or even the bath.


A hearty breakfast is included at the laid back La Bandita Countryhouse - and it is definitely in the slow food lane - delicious organically sourced produce hits the breakfast table with local cheeses and the classic fare of Tuscany. There is such an array of places to eat here, from private little vineyards, to farm tables, restaurants and cafes - the owners create bespoke foodie reservations to satisfy every palate.

As you can rent this whole place - think a luxury Tuscan escape with friends and family - you can even get your own gourmet chef to feed your passions.


La Bandita Countryhouse, Tuscany, Pienza, Italy

La Bandita is in the Val d'Orcia, near Pienza, south of Siena, in southern Tuscany, kinda located between Florence and Rome.

This boutique rural recluse is real hard to find - but so worth it - sitting within the Lucciolabella Nature Reserve with sweeping views of the Val d’Orcia UNESCO heritage park and the hilltop towns of Montalcino, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, San Quirico d’Orcia and Radicofani. This is the stuff Tuscan dreams are made of.


John Voigtman is not your typical hotelier and as such infuses his projects with his passions of life: people, food, culture, creativity and fun. These touchstones of John make an incredibly simply storyline for each of his boutique hotels – he captures the essence of the building and locale with subtle ease – then applies his lifestyle alchemy of worldly style.  Tuscany has adopted him and he fosters the DNA of Tuscany – just with added style and panache.

John Voigtmann, owner of La Bandita Townhouse, Pienza, Italy

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