Amalfi Coast


Italy’s most famous lemon-scented coastline, the Amalfi Coast, is a UNESCO heritage scene of sophisticated perfection and tumbling, fairy-tale towns that has seduced and charmed visitors since antiquity itself. Peruse King Ferdinand II’s winding Strada Statale 163, the ‘road with 1000 bends’, and trip your way along its 30-mile shore, suspended between a soaring cerulean infinity of sea and air, before journeying through the fabled towns of the bronze-bodied elite: Amalfi - our personal favourite, Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Salerno.

Characterful odes to their own stretches of the Amalfi coastline, indulge in polished seaside sophistication at popular Sorrento, explore vertical, wisteria tumbled labyrinths at glitzy  Positano, and enter an age-old world of medieval buildings, ancient palaces and noble atmospheres at heritage Ravello and Amalfi.  Catch a boat to magical Capri or just hop on a small Gozzo to a nearby secluded beach, mussels and something cool on hand, with just you, the sea and the view - and all the majesty of Italy’s most famous coast rising up beside you.

Amalfi Coast, Sentiero degli Dei, Path of the Gods, Italy

The Amalfi Coast’s ‘Path of the Gods’

Amalfi and the Path of the Gods -Sentiero degli Dei is magical, an easy, two-hour amble for mortals like us, spy the Amalfi Coast’s breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage site in all its glory from a lofty, God-like height, tracking the path from Agerola’s Bomerano near Amalfi to Positano’s pause-worthy Nocelle.

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Temptation Positano, fashion design, Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast’s textile temptations

Temptation Positano is a fashion brand that translates the golden moments of the Amalfi coast into its garments. Drawing inspiration from these unique locations, Temptation Positano produces all its garments in picture-perfect Positano.

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