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Scandi-Scot Design

Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados

Expect a wondrous, comforting blend of classic Scottish aesthetic and smooth, muted Scandi design.

Earlier this year, we were invited to personally “soft test” the Killiehuntly, a farmhouse that is more like a very small hotel – it has the personality of a friend’s private home, the familiarity of a bed & breakfast and has the playfullness of a creative den.

It ticks all the boxes of bespoke luxury and confident comfort and we still savour the short stay – it is enchanting with enough designer eye-candy to satisfy the most avid instagrammers’ quest for aesthetic.

Here’s more on the new place set to be the talk of boutique-hotel-town and on every design aficionados list of must do places to stay.

Created in collaboration of owner Anne Storm Pedersen, a passionate conservationist, champion of crafts, art and lover of Scotland, and Fashion & Industrial Designer Ruth Kramer, the duo set about to transform this stoic Scottish farmhouse and cottages into a creative den of calm, that is so naturally inviting, you may never wish to leave.

Ruth Kramer wears many designer hats being also the co-owner of the much acclaimed, tiny Swiss Brücke 49 in Vals. Kramer is known in the Scandic design circles as having an exacting eye for detailing and innovative approach to materials. She was commissioned by Anne to narrate the concept, pulling together the fusion of Scottish heritage with Scandinavian design.

Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados

A former Head Designer for fashion label Only and industrial designer by trade, Ruth and Anne have perhaps invented a whole new diatribe in the World of Interiors – Scandi-Scot Design.

Hand-Made Perfection

Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados

Anne insisted that, if possible, everything in Killiehuntly would be made by hand. As a result, elements of Contemporary Danish Design and Scottish craftsmanship honed through the years take centre stage.

Inside Killiehuntly Farmhouse estate, you’ll find a selection of individually crafted rooms: The Oak Room, The Birch Room, The Hayloft, The Elm Room and The Alder Room while elsewhere on the property lies Geordies Cottage and The Hayloft.

In each of the 4 spacious rooms you’ll find iconic Danish design classics like the Bamse Chair, dressed with curly sheepskin and the Arne Jacobsen “7” Chair re-invented in pink.

Lighting is by Bestlite and RUBN while tactile accessories are from Swedish Skultuna. Distressed wooden floorboards are covered by hand-woven rugs by iconic textile designer Katrien Vermeeren. Bespoke wooden beds are dressed in fine woven linen from Lithuania.

Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados

From handmade Swedish mattresses to specially made brass bars hanging from the ceiling, no detail has been left out of this truly refreshing take on traditional Scottish Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Heritage Perfected

Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados Scandi-Scott Design | Hotel Interiors | The Aficionados

Throughout the farmhouse, paintwork by Farrow and Ball lends an air of cool Nordic to the old stone walls and original sash windows. But Anne has taken things one step farther and skilfully placed her selection of “Golden Age” paintings on the walls, helping create an intoxicating mix of colours and an exuberant twist on Scandi style.

Wild Romance of the Scottish Highlands

Wander through Killiehuntly and enjoy breathtaking views out towards the rolling fields at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains. You’ll be hard pressed to find fault either with the interior design concept or the beguiling natural beauty gifted by the Highland landscape.


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