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"Wunderkobel" A Culinary Pop-up by Foodie Legends Taubenkobel

The creative culinary couple behind Austria's legendary Taubenkobel Restaurant (ranked as one of the best in the world) Barbara Eselböck & Alain Weissgerber, are set to create a magical dining pop-up in Vienna's hundred-year-old Art Nouveau Theatre.

The hundred-year-old hauntingly romantic Art Nouveau Theatre on the Otto Wagner Areal is preparing for an extraordinary premiere. Miraculously, from November 17 to December 22, there will not only be laughter, amazement and clapping - above all, stomachs will be filled as if by magic, specifically by all those who want to immerse themselves in a magical world.

Wunderkobel is a new line-up of specifically created gourmet delights; foodies will savour the talents of the Taubenkobel in the theatrical surroundings within this landmark building, built and designed by Vienna's most famous architect, Otto Wagner. With a fantastic performance of acts, the corridors will become a part of the drama, the clinking of glasses to applause and the enjoyment gets a grandiose entrance - sitting ovations guaranteed.

Celebrated Chef Alain Weissgerber takes on the director role for the Wunderkobel and has re-staged the Taubenkobel kitchen highlights of the past year into a new exciting menu that will thrill both in taste, texture and presentation.

The sommelier of the Taubenkobel will invite the best wines to the curtain and invite all palates to enjoy an unforgettable performance (whether there is an encore is decided by the guest). Barbara explains: "What we've learned from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is that timing is everything. For this reason, the Performance at the Wunderkobel must be booked in good time." 

Running for a limited time only: Wunderkobel will be open from November 17 to December 22, 2023. And now: curtain up—the Taubenkobel at the Steinhof Theater on the Otto Wagner Areal, Vienna, Austria.

Celebrate with friends, family and fellow foodies by hiring out the venue exclusively - now that will be a party to remember.

Open the doors to Narnia, follow a white rabbit or wait for a letter from Hogwarts.
Wunderkobel | Hottest Foodie Popup in Vienna by Taubenkobel Wunderkobel | Hottest Foodie Popup in Vienna by Taubenkobel
Wunderkobel | Hottest Foodie Popup in Vienna by Taubenkobel

Credit: Erwin Pendl, Interieur des Theater- und Festsaals, Sanatorium Steinhof, um 1907, Wien Museum


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