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Naturhotel Forsthofgut's new Garden Loft Suites

One of Europe's best Spa & Wellness hotels creates three new 140 m² Garden Loft Suites overlooking the Leogang Mountains and the eco hotel's new organic 1,500m² bathing lake. The suites frame vistas of soaring snow-capped peaks, forested landscapes and wild meadows, placing dramatic nature centre stage. Following Forsthofgut's sustainability philosophy, local architect Andreas Hallinger of Markand design studios was commissioned with the new construction and interior design.

The suites frame vistas of soaring snow-capped peaks, forested landscapes and wild meadows, placing dramatic nature centre stage

The new luxury suites come equipped with the latest technologies and predominately organic building materials. The suites are energy efficient and the architectural signature follows those of the vicinity with a rural pitched roofline of each of the suites. Sourcing local indigenous materials that foster local crafts and originate from the shortest distance was an essential element in the design of the eco suites. Natural woods headline the interiors - as used in the Alps for centuries, not only as it is abundantly available and is sustainable, but also due to its holistic qualities.

Luxury Alpine Suite interiors clad in sustainablly sourced Oak | Open Fireplace | View of the Leogang Mountains | Naturhotel Forsthofgut Leogang | The Aficionados

The interior design continues Forsthofgut's conscious ecology and has used organic materials, natural ash wood floors, woollen rugs and walls in breathable clay. Chemical-free paints and finishes are borrowed from the Leogang mountains - soft greys, chalked whites and sapling browns, giving the hotel suites a modernist take on Alpine styling. Each loft suite is spread over two floors and is fronted in picture length windows framing the mountain views. Upstairs, a team of local carpenters crafted the interiors in silver fir rough sawn, which cocoons the space. Contemporary furnishings and lighting wrap around the suspended steel wood-burning fireplace Gyrofocus from the family-owned and sustainable business, Focus and is a model designed by Dominique Imbert, the creator and founder.

In addition, the suites have an added luxury touch of a spacious sauna and 56 m² loggia overlooking the lake. 

Downstairs the master bedroom suite has a freestanding Corian bathtub positioned right in front of the mountain views, a dressing area and an oversized king-size box-spring bed.

Naturhotel Forsthofgut continues its journey of sustainable luxury and organic wellness with deep connectivity to the nature of Leogang. 



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