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Surfs up! In Sweden?!

Maybe, like us, you had no clue that Sweden has a thriving surf culture, but I’ll bet you that, considering the Swedes’ reputation for relaxed perfection, it’s totally awesome!

In kind of a backwards version of the story told in Stacy Peralta’s legendary 2001 documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, sometime in the late 70s Per Torstensson, Stisse Bengtsson, Micki Carlsson and Ake Gylling decided to take their skateboarding skills and hit the waves. The resulting, mythic Porridge Bay Surf Club was at the forefront of the sport in Sweden’s West Coast where famously tight-lipped local surfers still safeguard the hottest stretches for the areas best surf.

After a day in the water, or a day just watching, head back to the city to chill out (and maybe warm up!) at The Aficionados’ insider tip in Gothenburg, Hotel Flora.


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