ZEITRAUM Solid Wood Furnishings | Sustainable Design Made in Germany
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Solid Wood: Eco Modernism, Made in Germany

Founded in 1990, Zeitraum is a sustainable solid wood manufacturer from Bavaria, Germany, that marries ecology, design and a passion for its Alpine roots and traditions. Founder Birgit Gämmerler and CEO Peter Gaebelein have triumphed in applying their rich regional heritage of using timber against a creative tone of elegant minimalist design, producing statement furnishings with both a legacy and a future. "The objects which accompany us through life should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive."

Zeitraum's mission is to offer an alternative to our single-use culture and consumer goods with solid wood furniture typified by a simple aesthetic created by collaborative designers like Florian Hauswirth, Mathias Hahn, Formstelle, Laura Gämmerler, Kaschkasch, Lorenz+Kaz, Pedro Sottomayor, and Kihyun Kim. The design process and narrative are guided by the use of the Earth's most natural material. Modern technology brings the living wood to life while woodworkers and master carpenters tease the raw boards in a process that results in beautifully worked pieces of furniture.  

Wood sourcing is a crucial and imperative part of Zeitraum. It allows them to show their credentials when using sustainable, planet-positive materials, keeping the conscious company ethos of sustainability firmly as a core pillar of their business. Solid, healthy hardwoods that comply with FSC and PEFC standards, such as ash, oak, American cherry, and European and American walnut, are procured from Germany (60%) or North American forests (40%) in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

CEO and founder Peter Gaebelein & Birgit Gämmerler| ZEITRAUM Solid Wood Furnishings | Sustainable Design Made in Germany

With over 90 products, Zeitraum focuses on sustainable design, creating pieces that are made to last. Finely crafted benches, stools, and chairs form the mainstay of their collection, alongside large standalone items such as beds and shelves. They also dip their oar into the world of designer lighting.

New to Zeitraum is the Alpenraum Collection, inspired by the traditions of the Alps, its crafted lifestyle and the prevalent power of nature. Taking cues from existing alpine design, Zeitraum took a fresh approach to the 'Stabelle' – a typical chair of the region where the planked backrest and legs are slotted into the stool of the seat. Called the VNA collection, inspired by a Rhaeto-Romanic village in the Swiss mountains where designer Florian Hauswirth and Zeitraum spent a few days to kick off proceedings, immersing themselves in the Alpine craftsmanship, influential nature and the addictive charm of the village. The result is a plank chair made from solid wood, very little glue, a hand moulded seat and backrest and just one single screw - a testament to the precise craftsmanship and design involved in the project. Also in the collection is a small, squat VNA stool and its lofty, taller sister, the VNA bar stool. 

Zeitraum is a rare find: a personal company that naturally endeavours to be good by fostering the Bavarian practices of handed-down generations marked by the conscious use of limited resources. 

ZEITRAUM Solid Wood Furnishings | Sustainable Design Made in Germany
ZEITRAUM Solid Wood Furnishings | Sustainable Design Made in Germany  ZEITRAUM Solid Wood Furnishings | Sustainable Design Made in Germany


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