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A Spa hideaway infused by the Dolomites

To the backdrop of the Dolomites is a secretive Spa hideaway where Hay Baths, Honey Massages, Herbal Stamp Massages and Team Dr. Joesph & Thalgo line up to treat weary souls. This is the Lagaciò Hotel Mountain Residence & La Palsa Spa, located some 1500m above the sea level in St. Kassian/Alta Badia, Italy.

LA PALSA SPA was created under the eco sensitive eyes of the owners, who have taken the essence of nature in creating layers of treatments, experiences and products that bring soothing Ladin culture to the table, great for the  busy urbanites who flock here for a touch of mother nature pared with the easy contemporary design of the hotel.

We especially love these two treatments, which have indigenous flavours; just reading about them makes us feel healthy. 

Honey massage

Honey is a gift of nature that has for ages been used in traditional medicine and naturopathy. It is rich in energy, purifies and detoxifies. Its anti-oxidative effect slows down skin ageing and supports the body’s own healing powers. The nectar collected by bees is massaged deeply into connective tissue and stimulates the entire organism via the back’s reflex zones. The massage stimulates metabolism and circulation, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system.

Hay bath

Be steeped in genuine Tyrolean tradition by taking a hay bath. The secret of this treatment lies in the medicinal alpine herbs contained in the hay. The heat makes the herbs give off their active ingredients to the body, which absorbs the healing and invigorating essences, causing the body to relax, stimulating blood circulation and alleviating rheumatic complaints and muscle and joint pain.

The Lagaciò Hotel Mountain Residence is a fantastic retreat throughout the year enveloped by natural beauty and is surrounded by gourmet restaurants, making it a renowned foodie destination.  So friends of the good life, here reigns a slice of Mother Nature in perfect harmony.



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