ASAGGIO Architects: Holistic Hotel Architecture in South Tyrol
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The Architects of Brixen: ASAGGIO

With several notable projects under their belt, and a standout sharp design style blended with a thoughtful approach to sustainability means architects ASAGGIO are firmly on our radar. Recent work includes the restoration of Fink Hotel, in the centre of Brixen. A restorative project that intelligently lets history play against a clean minimalist aesthetic inspired by monastic living, creating a framework of high-quality purity. 

Although this modern, holistic architecture may seem particularly en vogue, it is, in fact, ASAGGIO’s modus operandi, and one that brought them together as a duo to create ‘contemporary, clever architecture and aesthetics’ that focuses on the soul and individuality of each project—you can see why Fink knew they would be a perfect match.

Meeting over studies in Innsbruck and Florence, founding partners of ASAGGIO, Gian Marco Giovanoli and Armin Sader are the brains behind the operation which they started in 2012. Initially bonding over their shared high scores and distinctions and a love for design and layout, it became apparent that their ethos and attitudes also complemented one another. In a nod to this shared ideal, the brand name ASAGGIO is an acronym of their names.

Delving into their philosophy, ASAGGIO believes that ‘architecture begins with paying homage to a place’, a statement that chimes with many of the Aficionados member hotels whose heritage speaks of the past, yet today create comfortable spaces where we feel right at home. ASAGGIO also believe that architecture should be reduced to the essentials and from this simplicity rises an emotional state, created by the highest quality wherever possible and a deep respect for nature, materials and history.

Look at one of their shiniest beacons of all that is good and modern about mountain architecture—Forestis Dolomites hotel in Brixen, designed by ASAGGIO. Three tree-like towers, made from Dolomite stone and clad in local wood, sit against the Dolomites' panorama in a clear spatial vision of linear architecture. Inside, rooms have glass walls so the dramatic nature feels within reach.

Also in Brixen is the Pavillon residential complex, built originally on vineyards terraced with stone walls, which became the inspiration for the design - clean lines of balconies echo the rows of vines and the use of wood, stone and a green roof that mimic the natural environment. The completion of apartments from a historic 14th stately home in Vipiteno shows their innate skill of blending heritage with modern living.

Contributing positively to the urban landscapes of historic Brixen, the Dolomites panorama, mountain villages and woodland, ASAGGIO’s architecture is a continual presence in one of our favourite parts of South Tyrol.

Concrete Stairwell with contemporary Steel balastrade from the 50s | ASAGGIO Architects: Holistic Hotel Architecture in South Tyrol Smooth plaster internal walls - hotel design |  ASAGGIO Architects: Holistic Hotel Architecture in South Tyrol
Architecture Landmarks of South Tyrol Italy  | ASAGGIO Architects: Holistic Hotel Architecture in South Tyrol

Discover South Tyrol with our 25 fabulous hotels - From its perch in northern Italy, South Tyrol, or Alto Adige as it is also known, is a jewel of ancient cultures set in the mighty crown of the Alps. Nestled among the Dolomite mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage site) a marriage of languages and cultures comes together in the area’s healing spa towns, medieval hamlets, fairytale castles, wine trails and foodie destinations.

Known primarily for skiing, South Tyrol is also a year-round home to hiking, mountain biking and strolling through the botanical gardens at the base of its snow-capped mountains. At the end of the day, cap it all off with a signature hay bath or a dip in the healing thermal waters. This hidden Alpine part of Italy is well worth travelling to.

This is the South Tyrol where Austria snugs up to Italy. 


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