Aegean Beaches to love on the Greek Island of Tinos in the Cyclades
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Explore the beaches of Tinos

Tiny Tinos may be diminutive in size, but its wild and rugged coastline offer plenty of secluded spots, little inlets that meet the Aegean, shaded by pine trees or beaches with more of a buzz for icy beers at sundown. From pebbly to sandy, isolated to lively, read out pick of the best beaches on Tinos.

Kolimvithra Beach

Kolimvithra Beach | Aegean Beaches to love on the Greek Island of Tinos in the Cyclades

The mushroom-shaped straw beach umbrellas set the tone for this cool little beach, located on Tinos’ northeast coast. Sometimes a surf hangout, at other times a chilled beach vibe, Kolimvithra Beach benefits from a bohemian ambience with a cute beach bar at its centre. Serving up ice cold beer and cocktails, in high season, Kolimvithra gets buzzy with house music mixing on the breeze and sometimes a little toes-in-the-sand dancing.  

Agios Romanos

When the wind blows in Tinos, which it does with frequency, Agios Romanos is a good choice as it feels protected with its curve of sandy shore backed by a rugged landscape that rises up behind the beach, dotted with white-washed houses. In many way, Agios Romanos, about 5 miles from Tinos town (also known as Hora), has something for everyone, as the beach not only feels calm and secluded with some pine trees giving shade from the midday heat, but there’s also a beach bars and tavernas for that cold beer or classic Greek beachside lunch. You can also spot Cyclades island Syros on the horizon.

Kionia Beach

Kionia Beach | Aegean Beaches to love on the Greek Island of Tinos in the Cyclades

Walking distance from Hora in the other direction to Agios Fokas, Kionia Beach is the place to come for buzz and activity. For those that don’t like to lie still, Kionia is a water sports mecca with paddle boards, windsurfing and surfing all doable, depending on favourable conditions. It’s also got some authentic tavernas and beach bars right on the beach which showcases the island’s culinary legacy with traditional fourtalia (omelettes), fresh fish and Greek salads. Kionia Tavern stays open late into the evenings too, making your segway from beach to bar, afternoon to evening all too easy. For culture vultures, the beach of Kionia is walking distance of the impressive archaeological site of Poseidon’s temple, dating from the 4th century AD.

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas | Aegean Beaches to love on the Greek Island of Tinos in the Cyclades

The nearest beach to Hora town, Agios Fokas is very strollable from town. When you get here, find one of Tinos’ longest beaches which stretches all the way to Agios Sostis, so it’s perfect for those that like to walk along the shoreline to find their own spot on the beach. Part of the beach is sandy; some is pebbly and the shore is backed by the iconic tamarisk trees which give shade and that archetypal feeling of lying on a Greek island beach.

Livada Beach

Livada Beach | Aegean Beaches to love on the Greek Island of Tinos in the Cyclades

For something remote, secluded and wild, head to Livada beach, located on the far eastern side of Tinos. Framed by sculptural rock formations in sandstone yellow, the beach has no amenities which means it’s ideal for those wanting to get away from it all and nature lovers who like their beach as natural as possible. As you walk down to the beach, a white-washed church with blue-domes steals the scene, the perfect spot for that quintessential Greek view. Enjoy a peaceful day here, dipping in the azure Aegean, which sometimes becomes whipped up into surf-crested waves. There’s also a freshwater spring which brings local geese and ducks to join you on the beach.


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