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Our Favourite Femmes of Style

Introducing a small selection of The Aficionados’ hotel matriarchs, interior gurus, fashion femmes, and women of effortless charm who make the world a better place. Ladies, who we feel, would become instant friends should we meet, - some already are. 

Read on to meet the females moving mountains in their fields, whether that’s in the realms of architecture, innovative wellness, olfactory journeys or verdant-filled hotels. Entrepreneurs and disruptors, but full of buoyant charm, meet our favourite femmes of style. 

Heidi, Judith, Paula & Lea

VillaVerde Italy - The all woman Hotel owners

Making sweet waves in the hotel business, three daughters and matriarch Heidi have created a gorgeous green idyll at VillaVerde – the perfect spot for wild swims, coffee & cake and seriously serene interiors. Come and be clasped into the family and enjoy a super chill stay.


Dr Elisabeth Brändle of the Benedikta House Montafon, Austria Benedikta House _ Private Hire Holiday Home - aged wooden doors and designer chairs

We’re so glad that owner Dr. Elisabeth Brändle decided to renovate her grandmother Benedikta’s house, joining the dots between a stylish mountain idyll and the homeliness captured in her childhood memories. Without losing the character of mountain style, feel at home in this chalet remodelling.


Ana Penha e Costa of + 351 out hitting the waves - surfing Portugal

Innovative entrepreneur and creative director Ana Penha e Costa brings her worldly outlook and easy-breezy surf style to a range of tees, hoodies and swimwear, crafted from 100% Portuguese-grown cotton, done well and sustainably. Look the part while also doing good.


Mar Suau of Foodie Cycling Mallorca

With the hotel business in her DNA, Mar knows Mallorca like the back of her hand - and will take you around the island by bicycle stopping at only the nicest places for delicious Mallorcan food, wine tasting, epicurean picnic, secret beach spots and sunsets. This is your secret back route to Mallorca by bicycle.


Christina Biasi von Berg - Designer, Hotel Interiors Christina Biasi von Berg - Designer, Hotel Interiors

Known to many around the parts of South Tyrol and beyond, Christina Biasi-von Berg is the woman to have on your side when you transform an old relic into the now: she knows how to capture the soul of a structure, whilst wrapping it in interactive, human design that’s full of comfort.


A pioneer in the way in which scent captures our emotional wellbeing, Lyn Harris aka Perfumier H relentlessly pursues unconventional fragrances to create olfactory journeys that bring exotic and unique nature into the everyday. Find your own unique scent with Perfumer H who also produces exquisite candles, hand wash and soap.


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