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Farmhouse Fabulous


Once considered the ‘rough-it’ option, down on the farm has over the past couple of years radically shifted style gear. 

Bold rural architecture rubs shoulders with traditional sustainable conversions, whilst interiors dart from hymns of Scandi design to the rustic textures of the land, using time-old generational materials.

A rural design magazine which neatly pulls together those country-style retreats with stunning photography and descriptive text. Your escape-to-the-country itinerary. Perfect as a resource for travel to the countryside, as an interior design reference or as a style statement on your bookshelf - or better still, gift a copy to someone who loves style and travel. For you aficionados of design, devotees of interiors, the hunters of creative architecture and for those who just like finding that off-the-radar guest house. 

It could inspire your own interiors at home or spur those life-changing dreams in creating your very own rural guest house.

Softcover with 132 full-colour pages
Designed in UK
Printed in Austria