Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish

Norsk Heart

Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish

Norsk Heart

Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish

Norsk Heart


For such a remote and natural location, Herangtunet’s rooms are surprisingly rich in decoration and vary enormously, taking a wide array of themes for their interior style. In keeping with the hotel’s ethos of sparking guest’s senses, each individual room also aims to energise and trigger creativity.

From the cosy wood-cocoon of the Aspen Suite with antlers, wooden bathtub and log burner to the sleek and chic London Suite bathed in velvet, leather, marble and granite, there will be a suite to suit your personality. We rather like the white-on-white purity of the Icelandic Suite, while the French Room is boldly bright and embellished. 

Aspen Suite

If you would like to rent a room in Norway, Herangtunet is a perfect place with many options. In the Aspen Royal Suite you’ll be ‘logged-in’ by warmth and luxury. Being one of Herangtunet’s signature rooms, its interior design is pure and authentic. With leather, fur, wood and fire, you’ll find the Aspen Royal Suite straightforward yet furnished with style and all modern conveniences.

In this suite filled with ambiance, you can sit back, relax and read a book in your lazy armchair. Or philosophize while staring into the flames of your fireplace. The Aspen further indulges you with a luxurious bathroom, equipped with wooden tub and separate massaging shower. This is a suite that will suit you when you are looking to ease your body and mind.

London Suite

Want to book a suite in Norway? Like its urban equivalent, the London Luxury Suite is elegant, sophisticated, timeless yet contemporary in its modern-day details. The ambiance is set by the traditional use of materials, giving this large and warm suite a ‘jolly good’ look and feel.

Many of our guests associate the London Luxury Suite with a stylish City gentlemen’s club. One that recently opened its doors for women of course. Velvet, leather, marble, and granite go hand in hand with crocodile skin wallpaper and a silver touch. This is a ‘chamber’ where tradition and glamour meet. A corner room retreat where you get comfy in style. Where you sit by a crackling wood stove, pick up a glossy and toast to the day with a glass of bubbles.

Rome Suite

Want a beautiful suite in Norway? Like the eternal city, the Rome Imperial Suite has a rich and dramatic ambiance to it. Velvet and silk let you live La dolce Vita in the largest suite of our intimate boutique hotel.

The atmosphere of this room breathes ‘A Roma, comportati come i Romani’ – When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Deep aubergine and jade are accompanied with decorative flowers and elegant furniture. In the imperial bathroom your reflection is framed in gold. Here you can relax in your whirlpool engulfed in Bisazza mosaic while looking at the frescoed ceiling inspired by the Baths of Caracalla. Let the lush and richly decorated interior of this suite take you back to the romance of the Ancient Empire with the luxury of 21st century extravagance.

New York City Suite

The New York City Suite in Norway is a reflection of the concrete jungle of metropolis. A world within a world. A contradiction between the dynamics of ‘the city that never sleeps’ and the tranquil state of mind of Herangtunet.

It is hard to think of a place more different than Norway. The urban buzz being in contrast with the peace and quiet surrounding us. It’s what makes this room special. While outside the leaves of the Norwegian woods whisper, inside you ‘are longing to stray.’ Rinse of a long day in the stainless steel and concrete bathroom. Get comfortable in the legendary Loop Chairs by Willy Guhl. Let your ‘little town blues melt away’ by the industrial French army wood stove. Soak up sophisticated simplicity and be surprised by the deceptive cool of materials turning out to be snug after all.

Norwegian Room

Our Norwegian room is like a Nørsk log house. It is designed to offer warmth and comfort with snug fur pillows, plaids and reindeer hides. Make yourself comfortable in a leather chair, poke up the fire in the authentic wood burning stove and enjoy a drink, or two…

The almost 30 square meter have all the luxury you need to unwind. But should you decide to let out your ‘inner chef within’, you can prepare the fish you caught earlier in the fjord and enjoy it at the table for two. After you have cleared the dinner plates, you can use the still warm wooden table to write a letter, announcing you’ll never come home again…

French Room

‘Notre chambre française’ is like a jewel out of the treasure chest of the King of Sun – Louis XIV. We translated his love for ornaments and luxury into a grand room full of rich decorations and a lush and vibrant ambience. Pièce de résistance is the four-poster bed, covered with velvet and countless pillows. Herangtunet is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for room rental in Norway.

To create the perfect boudoir we selected authentic vintage wallpaper and a colorful crystal chandelier. Combined with a classic dressing table and two stylish seats by the delicate wood-burning stove you easily travel back to La Belle Époque. Finishing touch is the bathroom that has been lined with wainscoting and is equipped with real copper taps. ‘Autres temps, autres moeurs’ – times change – but a royal experience and long-lasting memories stay.

Dutch Room

The boutique hotel room in Norway with a Dutch theme. Before we came to this pristine part of Norway, we lived in Amsterdam. The historic capital is surrounded by endless flatlands with small canals, ponds, wooden houses and meadows dotted with cows and windmills. This room is a tribute to our heritage. It is a reflection of the famous Dutch landscape around Broek in Waterland, North of our former hometown.

The typical paneling of the traditional houses from this area inspired us to decorate the walls of this room with wood. Wood painted in authentic colors: Broeker Grey, Hindelooper and old-Dutch with a touch of Delft blue. The comfortable king-size is covered with crisp, cotton Dutch bed linen. Next to the fireplace you can enjoy a book and perhaps even a cheese platter and let your eyes wander off to the black and white memories we have of Holland.

Icelandic Room

Looking to book a luxury hotel in Norway? Our Icelandic room might be perfect! Natural materials touched with luxury and painted with a brush of light. The atmosphere if the Iceland is best described as being serene, pure and bright.

Comfort is key in our intimate boutique hotel. A key that unlocks the door to a Zen state mind (and body). The Iceland Room has captured this Herangtunet philosophy within its four white wooden walls. Overlook the Norwegian woods snoozing in bed, lounge in your fur-covered chair or take a hot, relaxing bath and ride the waves of your imagination all the way to the Bláa Lónið.

Swedish Family Room

The Swedish Room in our hotel (Norway) is a family suite consisting of two rooms. In the middle you find the bathroom, which is suitable for both adult and small guests and can be accessed from both rooms. With its elegant and traditional stove, its wooden window shutters, embroidered cotton linen king-size and cozy, cool bunk bed ‘the Swedish’ reads like an Astrid Lindgren novel.

Sweden is the setting of many stories from our childhood. The country therefor evokes somewhat of a nostalgic feeling in us. We combined this sentiment with a ‘Villa Villekulla’ vibe that you’ll immediately recognize upon entering the nursery of your quarters. Together these emotions give the Swedish Room a bright and dreamy atmosphere.

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