Maurice de Mauriac, watchmaker, Zurich
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Watchmaker Maurice de Mauriac - Interview

It’s a risky manoeuvre, starting a watch company from scratch in a country with a long history of family run watchmakers, without a family name to pass the business on to you. Daniel Dreifuss, who runs the Zurich based Maurice de Mauriac, decided in 1997 to do just that.

They are more than a symbol of status; they are a symbol of taste.

The shop is small with a large window looking out over the street. 

Passers-by can view the team of watchmakers assembling timepieces in the window.

The team consists of only Dreifuss and 4 assistants, each of whom have backgrounds as unlikely as Dreyfuss.

Every watch can be fully customized, from the dial to the band, if the customer has an idea, the watchmakers are open to it.  Ideas brought to them serve as inspiration and new styles have arisen out of customer “tweaks”.

Maurice de Mauriac, watchmaker, Zurich


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